Nutrient amount for outdoor grow?

Pretty much the indoor grow has all the chatter but I am interested if anyone has a regular feeding schedule for an outdoor grow. I am using Organic Zen Blend fertilizer, Fox Farm Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom & Grow

anyone and thanks in advance

I would just use the fox farm feeding schedule for soil grows.
Start there, and if you need more, add more. But I think that’s a good place to start for you.
Hope this helps.

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When I was growing outside would either water or feed at least one hour no later than that
.,before sun rise. That way the sun won’t evaporate that water
But even outdoor pants are pretty much like indoor. The only thing I see different is that you have No control over the light.


I for got.when changing from grow nutrients to flower its always better to wheen them off Grow at 1/4 each feeding replacing it with flower


thanks garrigan. great point…

so grow big, big bud, and tiger bloom is what I am using. anything else I should be adding.

In the "Guides " section check out “Plant care” just under “Outdoor Guides” is a good basic article of easy read info.
Especially if yer gonna grow outside, the plants will tell you what they need. Keep some Fish fertilizer 5-1-1 handy.

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That’s all you really need to produce some prime weed. I use it for hydro and love it! If you’re a beginner, I’d recommend just sticking with these 3. Once you get some more experience with the nutrients and plants relationship then I’d say to start adding other things into the mix. Some add flavor, some add resin, but I know it’s easy to add too much or do something wrong so I’ve stayed away from it for now. Ive actually just started looking into those additive nutrients they sell because I think I’ve got a good handle on using the trio pack already.
But, by all means, if you feel confident or have grown before, go for it and buy all of the extras you want to! Don’t let me hold you back, I’m just saying from personal experience it was really easy to work with just the 3 for me being a beginner and all. Let us know what you decide.

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Its Really easy for us Beginners to get caught up in all the variations of Formulas, I"ll be starting an Outdoor grow next week with Autos. I am also going to be splitting up 7-9 plants in various grow mediums and having at least three different Grow methods occurring Simultaneously while Feeding three different types of ways, and all of this will be kept Simple.
For the record I"ll be using Hydro methods, Organic soil methods as well as planting in soil with nutrient. I love this stuff!!
Glad to be Back!!!

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