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I am growing 3 Blueberry Autos in soil. I have them in 3 gallon smart pots. The top half of the soil is FFHF, and the bottom half is FFOF. I did this so I didn’t have to transplant and knowing FFOF may be too hot for a seedling. My plants sprouted out of the soil on 9/1 and are starting to bud now (pistils formed around 9/30) so it’s been almost two weeks. Should I hold off on nutrients since it essentially is refreshed when the roots hit the FFOF?

Nope. I would continue on whatever feed/water schedule you have them on. Right now it should be food that promotes bud development, not so much nitrogen for vegetative growth. FF makes a good trio and it has an organic plant food that you can give them throughout their whole life cycle. But like I said you also want to be giving them something for flowering (more phosphorus).

@bluntley420 ok, I have the GH Flora Series Trio, I will continue to use those. I just didn’t want to over do it and cause problems.

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Just follow their designated schedule @dmykins and you should be fine.

Good luck with your grow! :sunglasses:


I use gh nutes but not till veg. They can live off nutes in soil until then. Ff soil is very hot! When you start using gh may i suggest half suggested amount. Thats what i did last grow & turned out nicely. Over 14oz.


Yes fully agree with @bluntley420


I hate to tell you but, Your roots have already gone to the bottom of pot and started wwrapping around soil up the sides. It only takes a few days for the roots to reach the bottom of the pot and if you are budding, the roots are already in your lower soil mix.

Regardless of how you layer the soil it is only good for beg and then you need to start adding nutrients. Personally, I do not like FF Trio for soil because the PH buffers way too low for soil grows and you are forced to PH up the solution, ( a pain in the butt).

I would look into our store and read up on our bioline organic fertilizer. Works great on organic soil grows.

Happy growing :slight_smile: lw