Nutrient advice please for gold leaf



Hydro requires lower PPM than soil but even then 50% of what suggested is probably too high. I only would have around 200ppm (not counting my base water) for plants that small. Then try to raise it about 100ppm per week to ten days until I get to around 600 to 800 for the rest of veg. After about two weeks of flower I start raising it again 100 ppm a week until I get to about 1000 to 1100 ppm. The thing with hydro is it’s easy to lower it if you see signs of burning the tips. But it’s better to be under fed than over fed.


Also I just noticed you have two plants in each bucket. Eventually they’ll get so big that they will be out of room for roots and one might start crowding the other out until it dies. 5 gallon pot is minimum for 1 plant in my opinion.


What type of nutes are you using? Feeding schedule is from nutrient manufacturer, who is in the business of SELLING nutrients. I start at 1/4 strength


Flush them good and use 1/4 strength. I’m growing Gold Leaf in hydro


I am blown away by how fast these plants snapped back after I flushed them. I followed your 1/4 feeding and they are fighting back! Thank you very much…and your plants look amazing! Thanks everyone for helping me out of my first of (i’m sure) many user errors. I<3Growing with you guys!!


No worries. We all make mistakes, just learn from it. I learned a very valuable lesson the other day about hanging lights

If you have any problems or questions, just tag me and I will be glad to help, or get someone who can.


I’m set to watching


@Grandaddy013 got an update on that light situation/plant damage?
And i missed a question about 2 plants per bucket. Im moving them to their new home this weekend. I was waiting for my new lights to get. I built them tonight.
Ill post update pics of my plants tomorrow.



Finishing the room and lights tomorrow.


Cover your plug with hydroton to keep light from getting to it.


What kind of lights did you get?


I got two quantum board 600h setups but I’m going to need a mini split before i can use the second one. Sealed room. Going to relocate some pumps this weekend to see if i can lower temps. Can hit 91f at 100% brightness…10x11x8 room. Went from me heating the room to stay at 75ish with a Viparspectra 900…to 86f at its lowest setting…I even have the driver outside the room.


Oh man, you got the big boy, but you do have a large area to cover.

Xaero, I didn’t realize the extent, that the QB lights put out that kind of heat.

Heat and RH is my worst Nightmare!

I went with with the QB boards, (the 260w) thinking I was making the best choice for efficiency in a small 3x3 space.

I wished I had a room as big as yours.


I just converted the room my tent was previously in. It is nice to have the room but the costs add up quickly. I’m almost wishing I would have not jumped into a sealed room for my second grow. Previously, I was in a 4x4 running 6 plants. My first grow turned into popcorn during the last couple weeks of flowering. Now I have the space (still only growing 6 plants), 2 photos gold leafs in the tent and 4 White Widows in the open (same room, just not in the tent). How warm is your 3x3 with that light? Pretty toasty I bet. I’m picking up my mini split from my local hydro store tomorrow. I’ll probably start a thread recapping my room build and all the snags I’ve learned along the way.
I know expert growers post logs and builds but reading the blunders of a new grower that just made a several thousand dollar investment into a room that won’t stop sucking down the money…it may serve as a “what not to do” guide. :wink:


You could use your tent for veg and your open area for flower. I have been growing in an open room. Just got a tent for veg. My flowering plants are 3 weeks into flower. I took clones Saturday to start the next round. This way I can get a harvest about every 3months instead of 6