Nutrient advice please for gold leaf

Help for another grower: I need help with nutrients for my hydro drip feed system I purchased the Gold Leaf Complete Package – however after receiving, it became apparent that I need a LOT more nutrients for a hydro system My grow tent and system is a 52 litre reservoir and can support up to 4 x plants

What type of nutrients are you using

Any grow store will have numerous nute choices. The big retailers have finally realized the profits from home growing are massive. WalMart, Lowe’s, and others have an extensive section of supplies. Nutes, tents, lights and additives.
Once you have a reputable nute…you will have to adjust the strength as the plants indicate.

Best Wishes…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:

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Purchase was from Bergman for the Gold Leaf seeds and their own ‘Bergmans Plant Food’ - however their initial statement of ‘feed 25 plants’ is for soil NOT hydro

It appears using their fertilisers is going to be VERY expensive - in particular if I follow their in flush every week rule

I’m in the same situation. Well almost I haven’t started yet. But my system will be around 70 to 80 gallons of water. @Grandaddy013 and @bryan both recommended general hydroponics Maxi series powdered nutrients. So that’s what I’ll be trying. I was going to try Bergmans or Fox Farm but after reading a bunch I realized I’m going to use a lot more so cost becomes a issue. Hopefully they can add more info to help. I’m going to attempt to never drain system except for the switch to flowering. Just add more water and nutes to keep the right ppm. But that’s just the initial plan. It could change.

Thanks for your input :smile:

If I knew up front about the soil/hydro quantities - I would not have gone with Bergman’s! But to keep in with their ‘guarantee offer’ I would need to use their nutrients. I’ll do 1-2 grows with it and see how it goes.

Flushing: I have found, topping up with water and any nutrients, over a course of time once I have topped up a total of the reservoir by 1/2 its holding capacity - I drain/flush the system with new water and nutrients - this seems to come around every 10-12 days with my system

Sounds like you’ve got a good plan. My setup will have so much water in it I’m not sure how long it would take to use even half. I’ll probably hit flowering stage by then. Mine is approx 300 liters.

300 litres! - DUDE!!! The price on nutrients must cost you a testicle or two

Calculation using the Bergman’s Feeding Schedule Hydro required for a grow of 4 x specimens via drip feed 52litre reservoir

o Seeding 52g

o Growtime 218.4g

o Flowertime 499.2g

o Plant Boost 20.4g

Purchasing the ‘Master Set’ which is oddly measured out for a complete grow, clearly states “at least 25 plants from start to finish” – however for my hydro system, I would only get 2 grows of 4 plants per grow, before having to purchase again.

This should work well for you

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That was my initial plan, but now I change every 2 weeks in flower.

What kind of setup are you building

I’m doing RDWC but it’s 2x 40 gallon totes and a 27 gallon reservoir. And the reservoir should be nearly full since the size difference will put it right around the height of the nets. I’m assuming 30 gallons per tote and 20 to 25 in reservoir for 80 gallons total. I know it’s a bit overkill but their height makes it where I don’t have to bend over very far to work on plants or can work on bottoms sitting down. And the totes are heavy duty compared to the other brands.

How many plants?

4 it’s in a 5 x 4’ space. Mostly running autos for a while.

I’ve never had any dealings with autos. I know with regular ones, if you grow that many roots, you’re going to have some monster plants

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Lol I never even thought of that. I’ve got enough room they can grow to about 6 feet tall but I’ll need a ladder to check on the tops lol. Also I can expand out to 5x5 if I need to. Will be pushing it for lighting though.

Top them and they will get bushy

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Not trying to bring up an old thread, but I fall under this exact topic. Second grow. First DWC. Gold leaf and white widow autos. My gold leafs germinated within the first 12 hours the ww’s took about 2 days. I followed the nutrient schedule with a full feeding the first time and they didn’t seem to like that too much and stopped growing. I cut it back to 50% feed (cyco dwc schedule with dr. repair, zyme, b1 boost and both grow a&b and now I’m here. With the gold leaf.

Now just so I don’t start a new topic with the same questions…here is the white widow.


Water at 5.8ph. EC 1.2, TDS 650-750
Feeling pretty grim about this crop.
Looking for any suggestions. Even if it’s moving to an easier nutrient to control.

I flushed the white widows and left the gold leafs until I some feedback comes in.