Nutrient advice needed

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I posted and I have been writing out a list of things that I am sure that someone here is going to be able to help me understand better after discussing in more detail.

It’s great to look back through the posts and to see so much collected information, but I often need to bounce thoughts back and forth between people who have the knowledge that I’m trying to learn.

So here’s a few things I can’t find enough information about to properly understand to the level I want.

  • Calmag additive, the directions on the bottle suggest using for only the first 2 weeks into flowering?
    A friend of mine recommends using it once things slow down a bit during the flowering phase to help boost the growth?

-i am using a deep water culture system with Halo’s to drip feed through the cage the plants are planted into perlite and clay ball combination.
I’m running twin Samsung 301h 240w led’s (that are adjustable and can comfortably provide the whole grow area with up to 90k lux)

—how many different additives apart from the a+b base nutes, bio diesel, then rhino K are really necessary?
In my last cycle I used rock resinator, thc boost, obviously the a+b base nutes and I also used a hydrogen peroxide based additive to help boost oxygen levels in the solution.

I was running Calmag through the whole process as I didn’t know any better, I was very impressed with the yield of 6 plants in a 4’x4’ tent
With 2x big bud, 2x amnesia haze and 2x chocolope, all went to seed by misfortune of a hermie discovered a day or two too late!
But in total dry usable ganja being 21 1/2 Oz (completely pulled down to remove the 2 Oz+ of seeds!)
I always ran the nutes quite high from around 3 weeks I had the EC at 2.8-3.2, and at the peak of the flowering phase it was 3.4 with pH of 5.5…
Obviously the numbers were raised significantly by adding Calmag and the boost additives, but I never once saw any indication of burn on the leaves?
I have used a couple of different meters to compare the numbers and even bought calibration solutions to ensure the accuracy of the results.

Another thing that has my concern is the bio diesel nutrients I used this time has used the same base a+b nutes for both veg and bloom cycle?
There are extra additives that are to be used in conjunction with them for different stages of the cycle, but it seems a little too convenient and possibly not quite the right ratios of nitrogen and phosphorus for each stage of growth?

What nutrients and additives are you guys using, and how closely are you following the general instructions?

I’d like to get the most out of each cycle, without wasting time and money on “so called necessary” fluids that only make the smallest difference in yields and quality.

Cheers in advance guys and happy growing :snake:

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