Nutrent problems

hi everyone,
I am a female aspiring grower from Jamaica. this is my second grow and the first is hardly considered a grow… (i did manage to grow a nice healthy male lol anyway to my current grow.

I have 4 female plants they are all about 14 weeks is this ok?
I reached out to a grower for help when one started growing buds. i also was battling stink bugs. He gave me some stuff to spray the plants…

I did as I was told and well it’s been downhill from there.
I don’t know exactly what he gave me but this is what he was helping me with.
I had stink bugs sucking on the stems and was doing a significant amount of damage.
the plants had just started showing their sex and one had started putting on little buds.
First, he said I should only give the plants water.
then he said he would give me a nun systemic solution to spray the stink bugs and protect the plants as well as a folio spray.

This is where I think I something got messed up…!
I hope this is understandable

This is what my plants look like as of January 16, 2018


First off welcome to the forum sister
Once in flower I wouldn’t be spraying anything on the plants myself
Never had a stink bug issue so no help there sorry
Are you in pots or directly in ground ?


I would go to a garden center and tell them the stink bugs are eating another common plant to your country and buy that to spray on them. We usually recommend something organic like neem oil spray but you can’t spray it on the buds or near it. There are other sprays that can be used on the bugs but I would check locally.

The damage done looks like the spray was applied in the sun and damaged the leaves. Sprays would need to be applied when they can dry before the intense sun hits the leaves, but if they are foliar nutrient spray, I would stop those like @Countryboyjvd1971 said.

@Candygrowja Welcome to the forums!


aaa, i did spray them early in the morning. I guess I did not give them the time needed before the sun came up.

as well as thank you for the welcome and the amazing help. @Countryboyjvd1971 and @bob31 :grin:

I thought neem oil was one of the things that were said to be ok to use in the budding phase.

hmm, ok back to the drawing board.
I have an organic product made from soybeans oil do you think that is a better option?

we used milk to spray insects as it drys out the wings on flying critters and removes the wax coating(non flying) on others which the insects will dry out under the lights, we used this in bio dymanic farming in Aussie, just need to wash plants when harvest is complete , only use if you want to go natural or do what the ferrals do and use a can of fly spray


Neem is an organic spray, but it smells and tastes awful. I do not use it on or near the buds. Just have to be careful is all. @Candygrowja

lol I will definitely try the milk @Guruscux it sounds awesome! well not for the bugs :joy:
thank you all so much :star_struck:

should I be giving them nutrients now or is water only what they need in the faze?

I make a tank of 40 ltr of water/nutes, - 4 plants water daily ( in coco approx 1ltr per day per plant in door) in soil maybe every 3-4 days as it retains alot more moisture