Nutient/ flush question

I have five plants that only have about a week left till harvest. My question is, if the last time I fed my plants (1/2 strength) was 18 days ago. With one week left till harvest do I still need to flush? The plants are still looking really good and I’m worried that even if that puts me at about 30 since the last feed, they may still have some residuals? Any thoughts? Trying to save going through the ordeal of flushing with only a week left till harvest. I know I should have flushed with two weeks remaining if I was going to do it right.

If you’ve been watering with plain water, then you’ve been doing a slow flush, so no, you don’t have to do a flush, but it certainly couldn’t hurt.


That’s what I thought too, thanks!

Flush products will help move nutes out fast. Then a week or two of plain PH’d water will finish it out.