Nutes without flushing required

I use 5 gallon grow bags indoors. Are there products I can use to fertilize at the appropriate growth cycles that will not need flushing? I use mixture of fertilizer free potting mixture, top soil and perlite. Flushing is just not possible. I appreciate your expertises.

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I have read advance nutrients line of products don’t require flush and no pH balance required…let others chime in. Am not using them yet. But will be.

Also, most growers flush before harvest, is that also out of your situation?


In my situation, there is no way to flush the grow bags. They are in a closet. Perhaps I could lug the small auto flower to the bath tub, but the regular fem will just be too big for me to handle. What would I do with the little one anyway, Fill the tub with water and let it sit for a while? I am really ignorant of these things.

The advanced nutrients is what I use and its ph is balanced for hydro. It works well for me with tap water that sits for 48 hours. My tap water is like 7.8 with these nutes it drops it into 6.4 - 6.8. Just a heads up for anyone using them without ph meter.

I bought a 5 gallon paint pail from home depot and cut a “toilet” which is a piece of rigid foam board with a hole in it that covers 75 % of bags diameter so the water can drain into that. My tent is on 3rd floor of my home so it was a DIY fix. Works. Helps with testing runoff for PPM and PH.

Yes on the advanced nutrients, no real flushes needed. But having the option to flush is nice to have in case you overferted or having a serious ph problem. Just because you can’t move the plants don’t mean you cant’t flush. I run a screen in flower and can’t move my plants but I can flush anytime I want. I use 7 gal fabric pots sitting on pot elevators which sit in large trays. I can flush, then remove the water with a giant 300ml syringe from the trays.


You should consider if possible to get something like these. It would allow you to at least water to runoff if needed.


I use it in soil and I really just check my PH now just because. I don’t even have PH up and down anymore until flush with straight water. For me Advanced nutes are awesome.


I place the riser in a “under bed storage tub” it will hold about 3 gallons and then I stuck it out with a wetvac, rinse and repete.

I wish to thank everyone for their responses. I learned a great deal from all of you. Thanks!

Maybe something like this is an option