Nutes? Whatcha using?

My next plants are heavy feeders in flower and I was wondering what you are using?

This is all I use for veg …

Their flower product is called “Bloom”.

You can see how it’s working for me in my grow journal. 4x4 Scrog.

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I am using Advanced Nutrients. I am new to growing and the PH perfect thing takes one possible screw up out of my newby hands…


I’ve been using the Fox Farm trio hydro formula for the past year (I use DWC). I just recently bought the General Hydroponics Flora trio nutrients, and I’m in love with them.

In my opinion, GH Flora nutrients are ideal for use in DWC. The FF nutes are great, but I think they’re better for soil grows. They specifically make a hydro formula, but it’s actually only 1 of the trio that is made into a hydro formula. The other 2 are the same nutrient formula for both soil and hydro.

Next I’d like to try Dutch Masters nutrients. But so far, for hydro, I love GH Flora nutrients :v:

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Oh man choices. Cool this is helping narrow it down

I’m trying 2 different lines. FF full line trio,dirty dozen on 2 plants. And NPK RAW grow,bloom,yuka,amino,and microbes on 2 other this grow


How are the RAW nutes @Muddduck1? I’ve been interested in buying them to try out, I already have they’re OminA nutrient and love it. I noticed a difference the first time after using it and use it every time since!

Haven’t used them yet. my first time I used MG soil so I have had problems with this grow (started before I found this forum) still grew the best smoke I ever had!!! My new grow I’m going to do this experiment. Got good soil now FF. I will let you know in a couple months.


I’m trying the roots organics I have Buddha bloom gonna use that in flower with my other organic fertilizer.

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does anyone know about these they ere sent as part of a package from Ilgm seed bank.

I like things easy and inexpensive. I like GH Flora series for about thirty bucks and I use it according to label -no problemo

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Nice choices are now narrowed now to look at all of your suggestions.

Thank you