Nutes - what do you actually need and what's just another sale tactic?

Hi, just wondering what nutrients are advisable from start to finish - ideally uk products but anything is helpful!
Vitalink plant start is what I’ve got so far - for those little beauty’s to have a nice start, but what else do I really need to get to max my plants chances of producing some DENSE, sexy beautiful flowers and to not incur problems throughout the grow.

thanks in advance


a Calcium additive since you are in the UK not aware of local brands but calcium-magnesium is the most common def


I use Epsom salts for cal mag deficiency. Works great

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That’s interesting! I swear you put your feet in those salts to rid of dead skin or something?
So calcium additive - what else though?

Hi don, just to confirm - it is true you can use tomato liquid feed for our plants right? (just incase its some old wives tail bull shit)

are you growing hydroponically or soil soil-less Coco it all makes a difference
lol you can but only if other options are un available

I’m still not sure on what to grow in - coco for sure, as its basically middle ground from what I’ve read - but perhaps 50/50 coco and some high quality soil? what are your thoughts?
I’ll keep looking for some decent cana liquid feed

your plants needs will change through grow in veg it needs higher N so a 10-10-10 will work but when you start to flower you will want a higher PK and lower N since N will increase stretch and node spacing( distance between Buds)
If you go with 100% coco rinse it hard before planting anything in it and Canna is a good grow line for coco but in coco treat everything like hydro. If you choose a soil route you will need to be careful what you start in most soils have fertilizers in them and can be too rich for seedlings. Soil less can be recognized by it’s biggest ingredient peat moss :wink: every soil has marking for NPK if it doesn’t ask or steer clear time released nutrients are not very good option for new grower.

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So you reckon plant the little seedlings in coco or rock wool cubes? and then transplant to coco? (always was confused if you put the cube in the coco, I presume you do?)
I’m just looking at the best initial nutrition at the mo, then il go on to flowering and emergency situations like bugs and shiz - I’m being as thorough as possible, covering every single angle I can think of.
I’ve got root stim liquid, and still looking for veg state feed - so many choices!

All in all, I guess its a matter of getting stuck in and seeing what happens, but its good to have a wicked prep.

enough said - wicked guide.

I am more of a problem solver than a instructor I tend to offer answers to issues more than help design grow spaces for people. My theory is if want to learn you have to dive into it because until you actually start everything is just theory and as Churchill said no plan of attack ever survives first encounter with the enemy :wink: Being a good grower is all about being as well armed as possible and rolling with things as they happen


Well your helps appreciated bro, thank ya.
Added a drip system as that extensively awesome article suggested, time to spend 3 hours picking every nutrient I need up - it’ll be worth it once its all set up :smiley:

Some of the best info you can get will come from reading others posts guides journals tickets.


Ive been using advanced nutrients and if you’re using coco, they make things extremely easy for you. All their nutes are ph’ed to 5.8 which is exactly what you want in coco. Yes they are a bit priced and probably a few sale tactics, but at the end of the day the base nutrients are easy and will take you through your whole grow.

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That sounds great, i’m checking um out now - what I’m trying to get my head around is what do I need? I mean theirs so many promising all these different and some similar productive and beneficial things! its maddening haha
I mean what do I genuinely need from seed - veg - bloom? I’d buy every single one of them if I could, but I cant at the moment - so looking for essentials.

(so far ive got root strengthen stuff and cal/mag and some blooming/flowering stuff promising the best harvest possible) - is there anything else you could class as essential?

I use tomato feed liquid. it works fine for me :slight_smile:

You might wanna try looking for this , Age Old Organics, Age old Kelp 0.30-0.25-0.15 just about do your whole grow with that and Cal Mag. I use soo much stuff, Alaska fish fertilizer is great to have 5-1-1, I also use some Canna products. I ended my grow with Earth Juice Rainbow mix Bloom, for prior to and during budding and blooming, this has Mycorrhizae plus Humic acid plus feather meal, bat guano etc… and is a natural fertilizer. Hope this helps a little.<*)))><{

Coco’s biggest issue is it stores salts which is why most products work poorly in it and why there are many coco lines out I am all for saving money not buying extra tripe which promises to make my ladies 20% fatter. When it comes to base nutrients any Coco line will work and just because bottles say use this and add this doesn’t mean you need to follow it I can’t remember last time I followed a bottles instructions I feed my plants 1/2 to 2/3 what product says with good results. Added bonus my nutrients last twice as long lets be honest how much do you think our plants actually use if they used it all there would be no need for flushes or any salt build ups and why when I dump my res for changes is my ppm still higher then the RO water I started with lmao.


To keep things really simple which is often best, just go for a 3 part base nutrient program from any good nutrient company. As i said i use AN, they have a grow-micro-bloom which will take you from start to finish and you can add extras along with it if you’d like. Fairly sure they have it in a coco range aswell. Plenty of the good nutrient companies have the exact same thing going, I’m just recommending AN cause i use it, and its simple. If you want a bit more bang for your buck, get the sensi grow A+B, and sensi bloom A+B. Same concept, just a bit more involved in those.


Welcome to ILGM as you can see there is no shortage of help…lol

I use Advance P H Perfect products you can find these on Amazon