Nutes that require 3.6 grams and

So on. My digital doesnt do decimals in grams. Care to simplify the math for me.

Jacks 3 to 2 to 1. If i just rounded down, 321 what if any deficiencies might i encounter.

Please and thank you

Use a grams to teaspoon calculator.

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When I purchased my first Jacks from eBay the seller included a simple alternate method.
For 1 gallon add…
1/2 teaspoon Part A
1/4 teaspoon Epsom
1/2 teaspoon part B

Its so close to the actual weights that I don’t weigh it ever.
Each still needs to be added and dissolved before adding the next.
Because the part B is so much lighter by volume its weight the correct amount even though its the same measure as part A


Leaves one to guess the estimation of percentage of measuring device. Teaspoon is .9 is equal to 3.6 gr.

2.4 and 1.2 makes for estimations.

No guess work on 321, but 3.6 2.4 1.2.

Hopefully, when it shows up today, it has simple scoop for 1.2 measurement.

Thank you for the tidbit on less weight on part b.

Was my next question

Each ingredient is different.
A teaspoon of part A is has more mass than a teaspoon of part B
Like Gold vs Aluminum.
Try the measurements I posted. It works great.


Gold versus aluminum nice way to get mass across.


Like @Spiney_norman said, I just use any measuring spoons.

Why not buy a cheep 10to20.00 digital gram scale. Plenty accurate for this purpose for sure.


Do 5 gallon bucket batches… 18,12,eps6

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As per conversion calculator. 3.6 grams is equal to …86 of a teaspoon.

Still confused,

And Go 19a,11b,6e in flower…

With 5gallons water

Because sugar is dense. Each ingredient has a different mass

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You are working harder trying to get around the problem then it would take to solve it.


Yours measrures .6 grams?

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Yep from 0.01g and up

I use these gram amounts for jacks per gal.


The new formula i believe is 4 grams a and 2 of part b so they could probably get away with the rounded nutrients but good tip. may have to give that to my mom since i doubt she has the patience to weight every dose bag

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I posted the bags on another nute thread earlier. Yes those directions used 4 grams. Pt A

There you go. 3.6 grams Part A

A little medicine measuring cup makes it easy for the quantities I mix.

Jack’s feed schedule recommends

I use 3.8 / 2.5 / 1.0