Nutes rec needed for Roots organic original soil

I’m interested in making my own nutrient solution to feed two plants in 3 gallon containers in Roots organic original soil.

There seem to be many options, some YT research indicates I want a solution with NPK: 20-10-20. Is that what you would aim for?

What raw materials would you get to add NPK to water? What do you think I’d also want to add?

Well if you wanna grow man made chemical nutrients there are many out there.
If you wanna grow organic there are also many options out there.
Pick a direction and than we can better advise

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Either, from most affordable and then going from there.

I don’t know about the most affordable as I don’t use chemical stuff but I do use Neam meal, alfalfa meal and kelp meal along with oyster shell powder and gypsum to feed them applying all but the gypsum as a top dress and then water. I add some epsom salt 1/2 Tsp and gypsum 1/4 Tsp per gallon and use it with almost every watering.
I’m feeding the living soil critters who eat the meals and poop out exudates that the plants can then use to grow.

Some here use Jacks 321 and have heard good things about it and they say it’s pretty inexpensive too.