Nutes product question

I bought ths cal-mag already.

I have seen a lot of people saying they use these 3 products:


My question is: is it recommended that I have all 3 of these? I seen where Fox Farms offers quite a few more products. Do I need more?

I’m just a noob lost in the weeds.

Thank you all again,

I’m a less is more grower. I use Happy Frog dry amendments (indoors) and Alaska fish fertilizer (outdoors) at half strength. That’s it.

I just switched from fox farm to house and garden. For the fox farm I ran the trio, a different brand cal mag by botanicare, unsulfured molasses, Epsom salt, great white mycorrhizae, drip clean (flushing agent by house and garden), shooting powder (bud fattener? By house and garden) and bud xl (flower booster by house and garden). I followed the fox farm feeding schedule but only fed 60% strength thru the whole start to finish veg to flower. The trio is a good start and id recommend it to any starter to get their feet wet but you’ll need to run some of their additives or other additives to the results you want because the trio and cal mag won’t get you there. It seems like fox farms has a lot of fertilizer in their nutes so just keep that in mind

I use the fox farm trio, along with kelp me kelp you. Also beastie bloomz and cha ching during mid and late flower. I stick fairly close to the schedule they recommend. Works for me.