Nutes in the soil or add throughout the grow?


Ok so i mix soil and just use water up until flower, Im wondering what others thoughts on this is? If you use nutes throughout i would like to hear from you greatly so i can compare some info I’ve been researching. Thanks in advance. Happy growing. Oh a pic of my 2 girls.


Looks really nice. I feed small amount when needed. Dosnt look like it needs anything. Great job.


I started out using fox farms nutes. Switched to earth juice. Ultimately I want to build my own organic soil and be 100% organic and off the bottle.

I’m still using fox farms ocean Forrest soil. I mix in dolomite lime and perlite before planting. I find most plants indoors don’t need anything for the first month, I’ll add some week nutes about week 5 or 6 if everything looks happy.

Outdoors it’s pretty much the same story except I add cal-n-mag to the water about week 3-4.


As of now… I would continue doing what your doing…they look nice and healthy…:grin::wink:



Can i ask what you add? I help someone that adds some nitrogen during veg, wondering if thats what you do or add other things as well?


I completely agree; your plant is fine and looks like it doesn’t need anything but to be left alone. Learning how to grow MJ is as much a part of knowing when NOT to do something instead of everything. Too much love kills plants dead lol.


I use a low cost water soluble grow fertilizer at one third strength. Then some water soluble bloom feed at the same strength. No name brands seem to work fine. Then about third week of flower is use Monster Bloom. I feed once every two to three weeks or as needed. The plant will let you know. Cannibis I grow dosnt get all of this high dollar feed. That’s me though. Everyone does things different. You’ll find what work you eventually. No one has perfected it yet others will yell you but we have some fine growers on this site.


Thanks. Yea pretty sure i got my soil right been doing it the same for 4 years now, but during the budding stage i am still tinkering with some stuff to try and get bigger and more compacted ones. Wondering if anything can help with that before flowering stage? Some nute that gets the plant ready for flowering, like something to add right before flowering stage to prep the plant for the weight its about to have to support? Im new to nutes just not new to growing lol thanks for the input so far you peeps are great.


Tomato wire will help plant use resources to grow leaf n flower…instead of stalk.

Looks pretty good. Cheapest workable fert is Fish Emulsion 5-1-1 Alaskan is one brand at most stores with a garden center.


Yes Alaska brand also have something for bloom, its called MORBLOOM its 0~10~10. Works good and less then 10 bucks. White bottle with pink grahpic


Thanks i will look for some of that. Can i pick it up at any plant store you think?


Yeah anywhere with a garden section. I got some at lowes. Alaska also has a kelp line. Dark or light green bottle. Very good stuff and very cheap. @ryry






Try Nirvana as a foliar spray during weeks 2-6 veg. It won’t mess with your wonderful soil, plus it’s organic. The label directions are for bloom, but the company’s site & fellow users recommend foliar during veg.

I use it, myself, both during veg & bloom.


Update time: my girls doing well still and found something to use for flower! 1 getting big had to tie her down a little.