Nutes for every watering?

I have a question is there a supplement out there that you can feed every watering just for like a little boost so to speak ? Thanks everyone

Can you be more specific? There a lot of supplements that you can add every watering. Like fulvic, kelp, among others. Are you looking for something specific for flowering?


Flowering , veg stage like what’s a go to one that people use

Tribus is a good product to use in flowering as well as above mentioned items. Any PK booster will work. Anything to add @BobbyDigital ?


With Jack’s nutrients boosts aren’t really needed. I’m not sure what nutrient line you’re using. I use tribus original during veg and switch to SLF-100 in flower. They’re not really boosts, they are rhizobacteria and enzymes that help the plant take up everything you give it.

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Check out TPS ONE!!! I have tried them all! I use ONE From start to finish .I add TPS SIGNAL terp. Enhancer in flower . I get great results and so easy !:dizzy_face::+1: 2 bottles cheap simple perfect!!!