Nutes for Auto Seedlings


Hey Gang, got some ILGM Super Shunk Auto seeds in germination, I’m using ffhf 70% cico20% perioite 10% , this is my first auto grow and only second grow, ( WWfem 190 days ugggh) light fluffy not happy with it, it was a ok 2 hr high but feel off to relaxed like I said it was ok ,it’s lasted 3months saved me ,1400.00 yeah!
Any way seeds gonna pop any day I hope, do you all think the ffhf is to hot for seed, or should I do coco cup in middle, and any thiughts on auto would be appreciated, was hoping to stay away from nutes though I do have ffgb ffbb fftb left over from last grow, anyway I figured I wouldn’t need any additional nutes for veg at all , then start my bloom cycle in 3 weeks ( I’m hoping) supposed to be a 85 day seed to harvest …never know lol …thanks for stopping by.


I would totally recommend small feed after first week as there was a lot of misinformation here and google land , couple of hard hitters here were blunt with instructions on doing this, then the veg / bloom fertiliser debate goes on, my take on that was six weeks full veg fertiliser then go to bloom as results couldn’t be argued (but they were), my latest two seedlings are three times the size of my first three denied nutes, apparently massive increase in yields if you do the first six weeks correctly, I won’t be able to compare yields for a couple of months but am positive these last two seedlings are definitely a decent step ahead.


Great looking plants @Fabes , are those outdoor Autos? your saying to veg nute for full 6 wks, even if auto switches at say 4 wks keep going with veg nutes till we 6 the go to bloom.?


Have a read and you’ll see a few of the Auto Guns posting ,I’m just first timer giving it my best and unable to give technical advice, keep reading other auto posts and you’ll be amazed how knowledgeable the Guns are, you’ll kick off three steps ahead and achieve premium yields. Mine are all grown outside apart from several days in seedling chamber,good luck with your autos.


Thanks @Fabes, thanks for the hook up, going to read up!


If your buds were fluffy, it might not hurt to review your lighting setup. Inadequate lighting can cause airy buds.


I’m not sure what thread that one links to but I’ll link you to Screwauger thread it’s what I’ll be following for my auto grow.


Thx@DoobieNoobie, I’ll chk it out for sure, I didn’t see any specific area on here for Auto grows, but have read several post concerning them, I like to have a detailed plan to follow, abd I try to adhere to it but life happens and I don’t always get to follow my end of the work order in a timely fashion
I see you like camping for a get away, we have that in common and saddly to say I didn’t get one overnight trip this summer. I’m looking into purchasing one if those mini wood burning stoves and do some hot tenting this year. I think there wouldnt be a lot of people and that would be perfect.


I agree, I had several problem with last grow that I feel contributed to the airy buds,
My second light I bought wasn’t nearly as effective as my Vispar( 600) and those two plants really fell off compared to the other two.
I didn’t start nutes or pH my water until almost 6 wks into veg, the quit nutes to early, my RH was up and down along with temp as it was in a double accordian closet door set up, which was open most of the time…any way gonna have to run with these two lights again , but I’m in a 32x32 tent this time( to small I’m sure now), I need another Vispar, I’m gonna have to purchase a 370 cfm exhaust fan as my 2 ten inch personal fans are barely holding correct temp with only veg lights on and a cool mist vaporizer running a full blast. Well wish me luck as I roll in through this second grow and hope to hear from all you growers .


@Randy1966 - it looks like you’re starting to dial your setup in. It’s probably redundant to mention this, but just in case … remember that most of these chinese LEDs (some of which I also use) don’t draw the wattage their names imply. So your “600” probably draws only a couple hundred watts. For these types if lights, you’ll typically want to be around 50 watts of actual draw per square foot of canopy. So if your grow space is say 2’ x 3’, that 6 square feet and you’ll want 300 watts of actual draw at the wall.

Enjoy those autos. I’ve grown a handful now and I think I prefer them for indoor grows.


Thx@phantomfarmer, I’m hoping to find one of these qb set ups for a CPL hundred that would work well for a 2x4 area and split these plants up for flower, I’ve heard a qb 120 would work well for my current set up and I could put Vispar in the 2x4…take it easy l, thx for stopping in.


I’ve never actually thought to try camping in deep winter. I’ve done fall and spring they’re pretty quiet times if you can handle a slight chill with decent sleeping bags. And the fishing is usually better to.

I like his schedule he posted that’s in that link because it helps clarify some of the less detailed ones I’ve read. And he grows some monster autos. So I have no doubt it works. Good luck to you I’ll try to keep up and see how you’re doing.


I recommend keeping with grow nutes, even after you see pistils. This will get you a bigger plant & harvest. Push the grow nutes til week 5 or 6, then transition to bloom nutes for a week or 2, then switch to bloom only.

Don’t get stuck on the breeder’s harvest date. It’ll make you rush things & lose out on more weed. :grinning:


I did like his break down on nutes , I see so many different kinds out here, I’ve got some big grow ff and calmag left I could use for this grow I’ll have to chk ff auto schueld for feeding , I wSnt planning on nutes till week 3-4, was thinking ffhf would be too hot and not need much, do you know of any good regimen for autos in ffhf , coco , perlite 70/20/10?


No but @blackthumbbetty or @Screwauger might could help. I’m just getting started.


Damn I thought @DoobieNoobie was camping and it was @Screwauger who was going…good Lord I hate getting


Lol it’s all good. I love camping and fishing both. Used to hunt a lot but health issues have limited that unfortunately.


Ok thx DoobieNoobie I appreciate it.


You’re welcome. There’s tons of very knowledgeable people here so not much they can’t find an answer to.