Nutes flushing and harvest

Hi, I am quickly approaching my first harvest — AK 47, 4 big beautiful girls. I have read up on flushing prior to harvest and switching to 100% h20 a week or two prior to the big event. I’m looking for guidance!!! They should be ready May 29. Thank you! Here’s some recent pics of the girls image|374x500


They look beautiful. What is it you want to know?

Well, I guess I am curious if I absolutely have to flush and stop my feeding schedule. What is the reasoning for doing all of this???

And thanks! I’ve had a blast growing these

If those pics are recent i would say you have longer then a month before they are done.

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No, you don’t have to, but most of us do. A flush gets all the nutrients out of the plant so that it has a less harsh taste. So the final two weeks of life the plant gets nothing but water and you get a good smoke.


Oh don’t say that :slightly_smiling_face:. I was over ambitious in my seed starting and I need to free up this space!!! (Both tents are packed) I suppose a few more weeks wouldn’t be undoable tho.

Makes sense. I just wanted to check here. I’ve only received good advice from the forum.


If you have a way to view the buds with magnification you will know exactly when to harvest by viewing the trichomes . I thought mine were ready two weeks ago but they were still growing . I would say you have a ways to go before they are ready . The pistils of yours are all white in color still . Yours look like one of my old paint brushes [ Hugh ] .

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