Nutes burn or disease?PLEASE HELP

Has anyone a clue what’s wrong with this 2 weeks old auto? No additional nutes added, just mixed 25g of vertafort NPK pellets with 15litre standard garden soil before planting. Watering every second day and getting about 9 hours direct sunlight.
Is it gonna be ok or I need to do something?

Looks like the bottom leaves are touching the soil as she is stretching to grab sunlight, which isn’t an issue. The bottom leaves will die off. In a nutshell, the leaves are getting soil burn, and your girl hasn’t grown strong enough roots yet, to keep her straight up.

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Thanks for your reply. I actually added a bit more soil in order to prevent any stem damage cause winds aren’t always gentle where I live.
You suggest shall I just leave it as it is then?

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I would. @OlyBoy98503 any suggestions for this outdoors grower?


What kind of soil is standard garden soil? I suspect that there may be nutes already added in the soil. What does vertafort pellets have in them?
What is the latitude (General are) where you live? What have the daytime temps been like?

In the meantime, my suggestion is to place the seedling in a spot where it doesn’t get quite as much direct sunlight throughout the day.

Water the seedling in a circle approximately as big a round as the height of the plant every other day to encourage root expansion.

Let me find the trouble ticket script. I’ll have to get it in a few hours though. And I’ll tag some others that might know. @Zee Brother, if you have a blank trouble ticket, could you post it? I’ve gotta copy and save one for my own future use.

@DankBank22 @SweetsOnDeck @CannaNewbie @Cannabian @AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie @James68 @Hellraiser @kaptain3d
Have any of you heard of the product that is being used here? What are your thoughts about what the leaves here trying to tell us?


Never used or heard of those fertilizers but looks like nute burn to me.


Not familiar with the npk pellets, but she looks burned.

Or underwatered maybe? How much have you been watering? (Had that already been asked and answered? I’m a little high… :smile:) But I’m leaning toward nute burn.


I don’t know crap, I got to stop trying to solve other growers problems, I can’t to many issues myself :slight_smile:

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I live in Mediterranean area, temps these days in daytime get easily to 30 degrees. For standard garden soil I meant what people use for basil and mint, I bought it at the shop and it only contains 0,7(N) in 70 liters soil.
Here is what the vertafort pellets contain:
Organic nitrogen (N) 6%
Phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) 7%
Potassium oxide (K2O) 12%
Sulfur trioxide (SO3) 10%
Magnesium oxide (MgO) 2%
Organic material 30%
As I said I went light with it mixing only 25g in over 15l soil, watering little more than half liter every other day.

I thank you all for the support guys!

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Are you checking the soil when you water? That’s less water than my little girls got in similar temperatures, but they were also getting a lot of direct sun and were in moisture control soil in fabric pots. So I don’t know how it compares.

If I have any doubts I’ll dig down into the soil a couple inches to check. Carefully, of course, and away from the base of the plant.

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Hi Ethan hunt, may I suggest you begin your journey into cannabis growing by reading some journals and looking atbsome grow styles here on this site? I would also suggest, if you can, use soils and mediums that others here use, that allows others with experience with these products the ability to greater assist you with your growing project. Once you have a few succesful harvests under your belt and some weed in jars, feel free to experiment as others here do. If you have access to Fox Farms soils or promix and a nutrient line such as General Hydroponics either of those would ve a fantastic way to sink your teeth into growing weed. Of course we will do our best to assist you either way. Have fun :+1:

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you say you are using standard garden soil, is this soil earth that is in your native soil? Or is this soil purchased from a farm or garden center? Donyou have access to perlite or pumice? Can you get worm castings domalite lime, or any soil additives?
Do you have access to peat? What Im trying to ascertain is can we make you a soil with locally available materials? If you can get promix or Fox farms soils there we can definately grow you some dope!
In truth, cannabis can usually be grown in just run of the mill soil found on a farm. If you add perlite to that it helps with drainage which cannabis likes. I would ask also is your area legal for cannabis growing?


I have never heard of NPK pellets but that sounds to me like too many nutrients are being added at too young an age. It is not recommended to add nutrients to plants grown in soil mediums for the first 2 weeks at least. Were these started in this same medium? And were these started indoors? If so, you may also have some sunburn on your hands. If you have soil without the added nutrients you may wish to transplant ASAP as it appears to be too much for them at this age. If you started them indoors, you may wish to put them in shade for most of the day until they “harden off.” The more info you provide the better the community can help you! Best of luck!


@Cannabian The soil comes from a garden shop and as I said before it only contains 0.7(N) as nutrient in 70 liters. Due lockdown I did not have the chance to buy stuff online so everything comes from shops nearby my area. I added about 30% perlite when prepared the soil.
@SweetsOnDeck I’m growing outdoors and despite when preparing soil I tried to keep the pellets to the bottom half of the pot I think I’m still having issues with nutrients; I used the same soil (with added perlite) to another chick that is doing great without the pellets.

Is the suggestion here to transplant it till is it grown enough to handle these NPK?

Love and hugs to everybody

These are exactly 24h later the first pics were taken; she seems to grow at good pace but the yellowish is getting at the second pair of leaves.

Yeah dont fertilize a plant that young, it is feeding off the cotyledons. I would consider the base soil probably suitable for the first few weeks anyway.