Nutes before harvest

The common wisdom is that you should withhold nutrients a couple of weeks before harvest. Everyone does it. But does anyone have personal experience to support it? It seems to me that a plant won’t take up something it doesn’t want to use. And it also seems like they take up minute quantities of the nutrients anyway. Has anyone smoked weed that has obviously suffered from late feeding? I’ve had plants get pretty scrawny and bare at the tail end, and I wonder if they might have been better off to get a little more food.

I read an article on the very subject not too long ago basically debunking the whole two week flush before harvest. It was interesting. I guess you’d have to do a side by side comparison.

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Any memory of where I might find that article?

So I have no proof one way or another however common thinking is that if you harvest a plant that just received a dosage of nutrients then that will affect the taste in a negative way. I’m sure it’s like a lot of growing practices. Go with what works for you and discard the others.

@ProctorPot, it was on this forum somewhere within the last 3 months. All I can suggest is try a search.

Bob31 - Yes, that’s what we hear. I just wondered if anyone had direct experience. It seems like it could be one of those things that sounds reasonable and is widely adopted without real evidence. I suppose I could keep feeding one plant and not another. But each plant is different anyway. And with a vaporizer there’s not a lot of taste and no ash anyway.

I believe it was @Aquaponic_Dumme that posted something about that…
My opinion is that unless your really going crazy with your nutrients you shouldn’t deprive your baby’s of anything they might need towards the end of the grow… again that’s just my opinion… :wink:
I’ve never felt the need to flush my plants at the final week of growth and I’ve never had a harsh or a chemical taste in my medicine… :wink:
If you have the opportunity to grow out 2 identical clones and do a experiment to see which way you like things best … :wink:
Really the only way you will ever know… :wink:

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