Nute Use on strawberry ice plant

Hello all – as stated earlier I had identified a calcium deficiency in my strawberry ice plant and just received my RAW cal/mag supplement - instructions say 1/16 to 1/8 tsp per gal – my question is how often can I use this solution ? the %'s are Nit 9% - Cal 15% - Mag 3%… Read that you can’t really give too much cal – but too much of anything isn’t good is what I go by…

Gotta hurry typing almost dark time on my babies – just completed 3rd wk of flower - and my nuggets are startin to sweat their sweet nectar of cerebral bliss…

Thanks again


That’s a lot of N for week 3 of flower.

Hey @MotaMan I think I can help here.
You’re talking about the NPK Industries RAW line for Cal-Mag?
Are you using all of there product line or something else?
Since you are in the 3rd week of flower you do have to be aware of how much nitrogen you’re giving them. The NPK Industries all in one Bloom has a NPK ratio of: 3-12-12. If you’re following their schedule they actually call for cal-mag. Which would bump your nitrogen up to 12. Which is in acceptable range that early in flower to fuel stretching, and they also have you add additional Phosphorus and Potassium at the same time.

If you are not using the rest of their products and only cal-mag, then simply account for the extra nitrogen in your schedule.
I hope this helps @MotaMan


Thanks guys – I am using a 10 54 10 feed right now – which my your chart indicates I stop using and start the cal/mag – but my main question is – Is this with every watering or intermittent ?

Thanks again for the help – this is 3rd indoor for me – past years all outside… have to adjust to feeding differently.


@MotaMan this depends on if you’re in soil or hydro. Hydro calls for it every time you feed, soil there’s always some left in the soil, and it’s usually every other feeding.
The largest factor is if your girls are showing a deficiency, or your being preventative.
I hope this helps. Happy growing.

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I thought I would add that the amount and schedule of cal mag in your grow is also dependent on the water you are using. For example: my muni water supply has a permanent hardness of 500 ppm and much of that is calcium and magnesium. It’s pretty essential if your water is very soft; the threshold I’ve seen is around 250 ppm or under needs cal mag.

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Only one girl showing – my strawberry ice – all others healthy as sht – since I’m watering almost every 2nd day I’m trying to figure the daily or weekly interval to add the cal/mag supplement - that’s my main concern. I’ve gotten this far and do not want to fck these babies up – growin in fox farm ocean forest 5gal containers

I hate street prices – this is my wife’s and I stash… Plus what ya grow ya know whats going in them… Now they’re saying that the legal states have pot bein sold with all sort of chemicals on them…

Thanks again for all the input.


@MotaMan my suggestion is every other feeding. You should be fine.
On the street prices, you’re not kidding. Here in AK, it often goes “dry” in town, (remote town) it’s always overpriced for what it is.

Thanks for the help and advice – outdoor is easier – but handcuffs are worse !! – As long as I can supply my wife and I with minimal cost I will be a happy MotaMan… Sorry to hear about the greenouts you experience, I live just outside Chicago – and if ya want it all ya have to do is go looking. And some of those neighborhoods are some of the scariest places I’ve been – no fckn thanks…

Have a good growing season – I hope to make this grow last for 8-9 mos, wish me luck.


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