Nute switch in middle of grow


First off if this has already been discussed I apologize but I looked for it couldn’t find anything…Question is, has anyone on here ever swapped nutes in middle of a grow? Say you ran out and couldn’t get same product and had to change…if so did you have any problems…any issues with it? Thanks for any input


If in soil , it probably won’t be a big deal… in hydro , you might run into issues… :wink:

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you thinking on switching @Sittingbull64


Well I got some of ff and thinking about changing but wanted to use all this up first and not sure if I have enough to make out the season…I did not figure it would be a big deal but it never hurts to ask…that’s what a forum is for right!


Can you reduce the # of plants you feed with the FF and get threw? Give the others the new stuff.


Yes @Sasquatch that’s gonna be what I end up doing just to be safe… better safe than empty


Really your giving them the same elements off the periodic table from one brand name of fertilizer to the next, the curveball is (1) mfg’s add in different ratios of those elements (2) sometimes a bottle of “bloom” will have different elements in it once you get past the NPK from one Mfg to the next, for example: two companies might have a bottle of bloom looking the same on their NPK but upon further inspection you might find one adds in magnesium and the other doesn’t.


I did on my second attempt here. I went from cheap big box store nutrients to the Nectar For the gods line and was happy I did but I now use advanced nutrients and I wouldn’t think about changing them mid grow but that’s because I don worry about ph


those nutrients are great for a beginner all the way to the pros…lol
just a tad costly,but for me it works well…
i’m currently doing a organic ‘‘dirt’’ grow,and i miss the control i had using AN in coco…lol


I’m lazy I would rather spend a extra dollar then gain another chore lol and the combination makes for a healthy plant with little effort. I was very happy with the flower mix with big bud last plant started blowing up when I added big bud but I had to chop it cause she hermied. So I’m looking forward to flowering this plant


@Sirsmokes…oh yeah it’s hard to beat an…they have great products but so does some many others but I can see the appeal of the pH perfect thing! One less head ache to worry with…


I’m gonna try out nectar of the gods this summer…and if they don’t suit me I’ll go on down the road to the next…but I’ve heard great things about them…


Nectar for the gods is a great line but I did not notice a huge increase in yeild but the quality was out of this world


I’m using the NFTG sample pack (6 qt bottles) and I really like it so far (seedling and veg stages) but dang measuring out 6 products can be a drag. I will switch to AN if I can’t get a local shop to carry NFTG because shipping is way to much for me