Nute recommendations or advice please

Hello I’m about to start my first auto grow i was thinking using a coco perlite mix with jacks 321, fish shit, recharge, and armor pi. Am I missing anything or is there a better option?

If anyone ran these nutes please share your feeding schedule

Fish Sh!t and Recharge are both microbe products. Microbes can dramatically increase nutrient uptake, and if excessive, will cause nute burn. Pick one or the other. Using both may damage your plants.

Feed Jacks 321 as necessary to maintain a runoff PPM of ~1,000.

Do you mean Armor Si?


Si :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Good stuff. Plant cells and trichomes are largely silica. I feed 5ml after week 6 in veg and 5ml twice a week in flower. Feeding silica too early in a grow can make a plant hard to train. I’ve split plenty of nodes myself by feeding Si too early. It makes the plant stiff. Stiff is great for holding up heavy flowers, but too early is a bad thing.


Yep, I concur what @MidwestGuy said about silica. If you want some hard nugget silica will help. Also the developed exoskeleton makes it hard for pests to damage your girls. I’d go with the recharge since you’re basically doing a hydroponic medium.


Coco is a good medium your in control. I grow in coco found out there’s no need to add perlite as long as your in fabric bags. Straight coco grows plants just fine and reduces watering intervals somewhat! Jacks 321 Can’t beat it. Consider buffering your coco :metal:


How much recharge do I need to buy for a 4 plant grow cycle is the small bag sufficient?

You use Recharge at 1/2 tsp per gallon. A lot of people mix that into their nutes. I make 1/2 gallon of it separate from my nutes twice a week and apply about 10-12 oz (at max usage) around the stems of my plants. So I use 1/2 tsp a week. Either way you do it the 8 oz bag will be more than enough for one 4 plant grow.

Edit: just remembered they make a 2 is bag. I’d think it would be enough for your grow, especially if you mix it separately.


Good advice, just happy to see fishshit becoming a more regular thing here

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I would highly recommend staying away from Fish Shit. They have been found high in arsenic over the past year.
I used it last year not knowing this. I didn’t see one benefit from the product beside a hurt in the old pocket book.


I switched to Tribus (and now Continuum) instead and it was considerably less expensive in the long run, plus actually seems to help.


Do you know where I can find more info about this? I’ve been searching based off your post and can’t find anything… :man_shrugging: I have unopened bottles sitting on the shelf and have been using for about 2 years…


I would also like to see the source of the info please.

It has wonderful benefits, roots grow like crazy, also hellraiser did a controlled experiment on ilgm with clones in an environment fishshit out preformed tribus by a bit but they both out preformed the control. Terps weight etc

If tribus is cheaper I would use it but my grow store doesn’t carry tribus and fishshit is cheap here, my local guy knows the head dude or something though.
So please share this info as ide like to get to the bottom of that claim for everyone’s sake


I also specifically searched for arsenic relating to fish head farms or fishsh!t and found nothing specific.

However there is lots of data about how many types of fish contain arsenic.

Your probably more likely to get arsenic inside your body by eating tuna, salmon or other common fish then by using Fishsh!it as a microbe booster for your plants then having it build up in your buds where you smoke or consume it (I always advocate not smoking cannabis because of the lung damage) instead make drinks or eat gummies!


I worked at a large outdoor tier two facility here in Oregon for many years. Every year I would schedule with labs to get our product tested. After talking with the lab rats you can kinda get some pretty solid inside info.

This past year OLCC changed their testing requirements. Adding a few heavy metals to be monitored. Arsenic was one of them.

I was told that a lot of the kelp being used in todays grows contain traces of arsenic and are on the verge of causes many farms to fail. One of the main companies/products he mentioned with Fish Shit.

Once we found this out our farm stopped using kelp ect. So did many other leading Oregon farms.

You may not be able to find this information online or in a publication but first hand experience will tell alot.


Alright, I have reached out to a contact at fishehead farms, I’ll haggle them and see if we can get a arsenic test done through a 3rd party to put this to rest this year.


That’s a great idea.


Of course, it’s just not going to be a speedy process… Of course.

Remember they are certified organic, this requires alot of regulation and testing, so I am comfortable still using it but if anyone is unsure go ahead and use tribus for now.


To each their own on this I guess. That’s what makes growing so interesting :slight_smile:


I use Athena Nutrients currently. I have ran their blender and pro line, and both have achieved very good results. I am finishing up on my blended line jugs right now and planning on switching back to the pro line.

I have ran Advanced Nutrients in the past with good results. I have considered trialing them again.

King Solomon Nutrients are decent.

Front Row Ag has nice products as well.

Really at the end of the day, if you go with a balanced nutrient program and irrigate correctly, you should see good results regardless of brand names.