Nute lockout mg

Okay so iv’e got myself locked out on mg. My question is this. If its locked out the mg should still be in the soil right? Think i’m locked out because iv’e been lazy and been watering with hard water…going to water with distilled water should i add call mag or will it just use up the locked out stuff? When i first noticed the def i started with cal mag. Hasn’t cleared up the issue and more leaves are still being effected. Hence why i think i’m locked out.

Hey MysterA - I just came across this. I am a newer grower, so my advice should be taken as more of a passing suggestion than hard fact, but my 2 cents…

Flush and start over with fresh dose.Depending on how long the lockout has been happening, the mg in the soil may not be viable to the plant any longer. Nutes degrade and decompose over time.

Again, I am nowhere near an expert, but it’s what I did when I had the same issue very recently, 3 weeks into flower. I flushed and started over with a fresh dose - they bounced back within 2 weeks.

Also. PH pH pH! It may be locked out because ur pH is too high. If ur in soil the recommended range is 6.3-6.8. Anywhere outside of there and the plant cannot absorb certain nutes. Thus the lock out. No need to add anymore. She just cannot take what u are giving.


Good luck

Flush with ph water of 6.5 for soil use a flushing agent like sledgehammer and comeback and then add your nutrients at half strength till problem is cleared on water day add a tablespoon of Epson salt and ph your water and you should be back on track in 2 weeks i hope that you are not in flower good luck and don’t forget to calibrate your ph meter every 2 or 3 weeks it sucks burning up the money on seeds because of a ph problem and starting over i had a couple expensive lessons with ph problem.