Nute issue..newbie need help FAST! plant dying

What my problem here? DWC 2 air pumps plenty of air, Hydroguard, lucas formul, calmag, Armor SI, …just refilled bucket with PH distilled water didn’t add anything now…should I add nutes or just give water right now? But I dont know what the problem is or what to do from here?? HELP

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If you have a jewellers loupe look at the leaf your holding in the picture and see if any thing is moving you need to check out both sides. One make me think thirps or leaf minets and one make me think time to clean the system out and fresh water but i am not a 100 % certain with out pictures if you have thing’s moving on your leaves go to the bug lady’s website and confirm what you have hope this helps you

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@IMaNOOBhelpME I am not in hydro, but what is your ph?

@kw_Bat is doing DWC I believe

Are you monitoring your water temps? and how much space is between bottom of your net pot and water level in bucket?

Dirty water? Check your roots… root rot? Bacterial infection?

bottom of net pot was about 2 inch from waterline…after res change with ph water I put it 4 inch below. Roots look fine, temp in air 75-76f…temp in water 70f

If those were my plants I’d raise the water level back to 2 inches below the net pot. I’d make sure the pH was around 5.8. I would add my grow nutes at 50% of the manufacturer’s recommended dose.

I believe I’ve seen @Myfriendis410 says keep water temp under 70f

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1 to 2 inches, under 70F and use something like Hydroguard in your nute solution.