Nute issue maybe..newbie need help FAST! plant dying


What my problem here? DWC 2 air pumps plenty of air, Hydroguard, lucas formul, calmag, Armor SI, …just refilled bucket with PH distilled water didn’t add anything now…should I add nutes or just give water right now? But I dont know what the problem is or what to do from here?? HELP


I would suspect your rockwool is infected from being too wet. Take the lid with plant and flush the basket with running cold water to rinse out the rockwool a bit.

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i would suspect net pot I put 4" from water


Can you crack lid and get a pic? What are your water temps like?

It seems like 4" from bottom of net pot and then amount of room the net pot takes up, there wouldn’t be a whole lot of solution in there.

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first 6 plants keep dying like this idk why…even soil ones are starting to limp…wtf spent 1500 now this


What’s the ph?


always between 5.5-6


hydroguard didnt help been using since the start…trying peroxide for a few days


I have questions.

  1. Can you give us a picture of the roots?
  2. Describe your reservoir to us.
    a) How big is it?
    b) How many air stones and what size pump supplying air to them?
  3. What is your relative humidity and temperature (the highs and lows)?
  4. What PPMs are you putting in your reservoir?

The plant looks like it’s not taking up any nutrients, which leads me to believe we need to do some investigating of the stem (assuming all is well in the reservoir). Can you gently remove the top couple of inches of expanded clay and take a pic of the stem?

Can you take these pics in white light, and not the blurple light too?