Nute deficient, or hungry?

Hello all!

Tis my first time posting on here. Whilist it is my 2nd time growing BUT my first time in flower. More specifically end of week 5 (I think).
Some of the leaves on my plant are seeming to turn a light green if not yellow. At first I wasn’t too worried about it know some do this. But it seems to be getting worse. UNTIL I fed it a couple days ago it stopped. My questions are is she hungry? Or deficient? Nitrogen? Do I need to flush? Just wanna make her happy! Here’s the details

Indoor grow, without nitrogen
5 gallon filled with fox farm happy frog mixed with about 20% perlite.
Started using fox farm grow big, and tiger bloom around week 2 of flower.
Watering about 2 times a week.
Been using cal/mag since week 1 of veg stage.
I’ve noticed cal/mag is a must for this bag of fox farm for some reason.
Ph levels have been 6.5-7.0
Ppms for feeding have been 750-950
Have NOT checked on runoff ppm or ph.
Any thing else y’all need?


My guess is she’s in full flower and needs a feed but I would stick with the meter.

Those buds are fatting up nicely.

Good luck!


Welcome to the group! I agree they look hungry.

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The runoff #'s would tell you more.
I think they are hungry & need more nitrogen in my opinion.
You should use the big grow also.
The trio works better when used as designed.
In case you didnt have one.

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:point_up_2: this is important Grow Bro especially using FF nutrients that are salt heavy. The run of testing will tell you the root zone PH and PPMs, the input could be on point but the run off may not be. To low or high PH can prevent nutrient uptake and not feeding to run off can result in high PPMs and that can affect the PH. Think of run off as a soft flush, it basically rinses away all the accumulated salts from the previous feeding. Target your input and run off PH at 6.5 and the PPMs at 1000-1200. The plant needs all 3 of the FF trio in flower, I would feed at 1000/6.5 to liberal run off and test thw PH and PPMs :love_you_gesture:


I totally understand everything your saying. But I’ve heard very mixed things about needing to water till run off with fox farm soils. So I haven’t done much watering with run off. I’ve done 1 or 2 by accident during veg. Guess it wouldn’t hurt it haha. Plus like you said, need root zone details.


:point_up_2: would consider that suggestion if going the organic route where the soil maintains a damp consistency to keep all those beneficial microbes alive :love_you_gesture: