Nute deficiency using jacks, need help!

I know this is a deficiency but not sure which one?

Im using jacks 321 in soil,5 gallon pots, 2x4 tent, SF2000 LED, ph to 6.5, growing autos and im about 60 days in.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Two feeds ago i forgot to ph before i fed so im assuming this is happening because of that?


Have you been checking your runoff?

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Should i be feeding to run off? This is my first grow. Been super paranoid about over watering… @beachglass

Yes. do you have a good ph and ec meter to check runoff. The numbers will tell you what nutrients are being used in soil. and if there is too much or too little


Def need to check your runoff imo. Without checking runoff how do you know how much feed or when you do need to feed. Only time you do not water to runoff is when using a “living soil”.


Yeah i have a apera for ph and a cheapo ppm meter. So i should water to runoff to check ppm’s but not when i add nutes? Sorry if thats a dumb question haha.

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Definitely water to run off and roughly 20%. This will help rinse any unused salts that could potentially lock your nutrient uptake out. If you’ve got a feeding coming up, I would water only at 6.5 to run off and test those numbers. I’m at 1000-1100 PPMs at this stage. How much of the jacks are you using per gallon and the order of mixing?


Coco or soil? Different watering and feeding intervals :love_you_gesture:

Im using full strength, part A, salt, part b, and Im in soil.

i’m seeing a ph swing. it happens. note the super skinny leaves

When you say your at 1000ppm’s does that mean you wait to feed till you hit that or?

@OGIncognito - soil
I am thinking it is pH related. More than likely not from missing to pH one feed. But rather from the lack of consistent runoff. I don’t know if it because the pH is low or high. Both can occur but I suspect it is low because unconsumed nutrients building up in the root zone.
A couple of weeks into flower is usually when deficiencies and pH issue really show themselves. The plant is in overdrive and needs resources to produce its flowers and when something is amiss it hits the fan. I am dealing with it myself right now.
Water to good runoff with pH’d water and see where you are at. You may have to flush to bring it back it range. Flushing is a little unusual with using Jack’s but I can see the necessity because of not having runoff.


What do you mean by unusual?

Maybe i missed it but what kind of soil is this???

Foxfarm OF

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How did i know that??? LOL

I had the same experience with it. I finally realized i was too inexperienced with ph/tds to use it and switched to Roots Organic and Jacks 321 and all those problems went away. I’ve learned alot since then so i probably could pull it off but I’ve fallen in love with the ease of the jacks in the roots organic just great grows and no drama.


Have y’all used fox farm strawberry fields I’ve gone sprout to flower and Her bday is Feb 4th sprout to april 1 we switched to veg with the nutes I haven’t had a single burned leaf well maybe one or 2 I made disappear but have y’all tried that hide difference from the teal fox farm bag

Looks like a possible potassium deficiency or even a magnesium def

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Grab some runoff numbers, ppm and ph and post them up. You have some excellent growers here to help