Nute deficiency? Nute lockout? URGENT HELP NEEDED..ASAP

So my outdoor girls were doing great…now I have yellowing, pale green fan leaves they are mostly close to stem and 1/2 to 3/4 way up the plants.
20 gallon fabric pots, ffof/FFHF mix with kids brickyard compost(organic) , humidity 60-80% temps are 67-75 at night 80-100 daytime, 14/10 for daylight.
Water pH 6.5 , feed 1x weekly with alternating nutes and calmag. Grow big, tiger bloom, molasses.
Super Skunk, Amnesia Haze, Bergman’s GoldLeaf

Also they were from ILGM SEED, sprouted 3/13 tent grown until moved outside June 6th. Bergman’s GoldLeaf flowering 2 weeks, super skunk pre-flower 2 weeks, Amnesia Haze still vegging at 23 weeks.

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They look great to me. If the yellowing spreads through the whole plant then you have problems.

It may need a little nitrogen, but they look happy to me overall.


Yeah, I would chalk that up to unused fan leaves die off. Just not getting enough light. That happens.


Those plants are freaking huge. I wish i was your neighbor. Id be looking like the neighbor off of home improvement peeking over the fence.


Agree with @Covertgrower. It’s natural for a plant to loose a leaf here and there.


Should I give a nitro boost tomorrow…???maybe some ff grow big…6-4-4…??? Or some Kelp Me…???

The plants look very good other than those few leaves, and the overall color says to me that you should continue exactly as you have been!

Agreed. A little yellowing is normal. Especially lower leaves that are shaded.

I’ve grown gold leaf. It’s a hungry plant. Plan on a bit more N with that strain. Btw-it’s called gold leaf for a good reason. :+1:


You could add a bit of both. Just remember that NPK ratios add up.


Ty…:+1::+1::+1: Will be feeding tomorrow or Monday.

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I have been watering and feeding and the yellow is getting worse… :thinking::thinking::thinking::cry::cry::cry:

Still looks pretty natural. It’s sporadic throughout the plant, but mostly in a shaded area with no direct light. Most leaves in direct living are green and happy. Could feed a little more nitrogen, but I don’t think you need to do anything more drastic.

I gave them grow big 6-4-4 and the flowering got added cha-ching which has another 5% nitrogen…

Sounds good then.