Nute Deficiency in RDWC

So I’m getting some deficiencies at the start of the 3rd week with this water(rdwc). Is this a potassium (K) deficiency? Second pic magnesium?

No, no spraying…

i’ll get a pic here in just a bit but the plant only had a couple leaves that looked light burned… mostly the k deficiency…

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While it is great to have front an back pics of the damaged vegetation, it is EQUALLY important for us to see GOOD images of the entire plant, as high res as possible.

Some of the diagnostics rely on knowing where the damage is occurring… top, bottom, old growth, new growth… and what the rest of the plant is “doing”.


Looks like it’s mostly around the top…? Hard to get a pic underneath

To me it looks like too much water…?

Using cultured solutions… sterile… no sugars or anything… it looks like the middle of the plant is where it’s at…

So what do you recommend I do to fix this. I pruned 4 of the leaves today

Just let it dry out a bit… wait until the top of the soil is almost dry every time you water…

Gotcha… I haven’t noticed much moisture on the leaves but I have seen some, so… it’s a “sealed room” but I suppose I need to exhaust it at lights out? I run a dehumidifier at 45% rh… have 2 16” oscillating fans and a 800 cfm fan blowing in the room. But they are dense… I will vent the room at night and thin them out a bit!