Nute deff, lock out, flush?

Hi everyone, let me says first I Do Not have a Ppm pen, and no PH pen. Have the hydro up and down thing to fix ph. I know I’m running blind in the dark without the ppm pen. Both I’m getting waiting for $, didn’t know how important, didn’t know supposed to flush around week 5-6 either. That is where I was on Monday week 5 GSCX autos from ILGMA, I’m new my soil 70/30 FFOF FF cocco locco I know now mixing soil mixes ph, didn’t know that then. Get the theme where guys I know nada, so first pic Monday next pic Wednesday holly crap, so this is what I did. 5 gallons fabric pots never watered to run off, :grimacing: each plant got a solid gallon of Ph air rated water, got a good 20-25% run off, so far so good ? Then maybe I goofed I had some fertilizer for my garden NOT MIRACLE GROW 8-16-16 local nurseries cocktail use for peppers, squash, tomatoes then water a 1/4 gallons maybe lil less and didnt get a lot of run off, but got some. Anywhere close? Or did I make it worse, but wait, Also have soil recharge on way and a compost tea brewing got free from extreme gardening in sample pack. I know a whole lot any helps please, thanks thanks thanks

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Monday pics for out of order thanks again

It is likely the fert you used lowered the PH to below 6 which would be a problem.
You are going to want a PH pen for that. My op is that the neuts are not to hot some others will not agree but I do what works for me. I grow in 5 gal buckets outside when I feed or water they get a gal each as needed. I feed every three days a fairly hot fert. Never had any trouble.

You can pick up a decent apera ph pen for around $40.

Ph can stop the plant from being able to take in nutrients. I’m amazed you made it this far. Must have pretty decent water to begin with!

Apena is what you want! Looks like you have a nitrogen def. Your fertilizer is wrong numbers for veg. Too much P & K!

Thanks a lot please more, and yes have ppm and ph pen when I got extra $ already talk to guy at local shop get both for about 100, they give them full warranty’s and help me calibrate, my local shop is awesome just, ok so with what I have done, i have a compost tea brewing 48 hrs ready Saturday should I feed that tell run off too, should have Both pens by then ? Should I test ph of brew before feed, if bad # will ph up or down kill the food micros ? Thank y’all

Your plants look pretty good. They are flowering nicely and will have a big growth spurt. :point_up:

Test and adjust the final mix right before giving to the plant.

It is fine to use. Will not harm the nutrients.

Thanks again to everyone such much for all advise, y’all can tell I need all the help I can get.

@Budz @Newt @Graysin @Indicanna_Jones @oldmarine @Eli hi everyone y’all have helped so much already this is the update on What my leaves telling me, hopefully didn’t mess to much more up take a look and point in right direction. Get a ph and ppm pen tomorrow working late tonight store closes by time I get home thank u


Looking good to me. I think pH adjustment will be what you need. For example I have well water, and after a day of sitting open it will read a pH of 7.4. And that is too high to use for simple watering, so I need to bring it down. I usually shoot for 6.5 But if I take the same 7.4 well water and add my nutrients to it my pH will be down to 5.7 or so, and I have to bring it UP to 6.5.

If you don’t keep the soil pH correct, your nutrients may not even make it into your plants.

Send some update photos end of the weekend. I will do the same as I want 4-5 days after I started with the “Recharge” to see the difference.

Thank y’all so much between tips and advice and been reading and looking at others people post to figure out what to do. Pics from Tuesday like said above flushed yesterday look so much happier

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@gollybillager updated pics, read see my mistakes don’t duplicate, good luck

Looking good

Just always want to say thanks everyone got a ph pen and ppm pen, today also feed some xtreme micro brew today got all my numbers right finally. Hopefully in right direction are then pens any good ?

HM Digital COM-80 Electrical Conductivity (EC) and Total Dissolved Solids Hydro Tester, 0-5000 ppm TDS Range, 1 ppm Resolution, 2% Readout Accuracy

HM Digital PH-80 pH Meter Waterproof PH80 Tester HydroTester

Got from local shop they gave me a yr warranty and I can bring it in and they will calibrate if need. I thought awesome, wat y’all think ?

Honestly not familiar with this pen. I’ll let someone else chime in!

@Newt , you mention well water. Is it hard, crazy ppm? Does it affect you or how do you manage it or not?

@CC_Mo I haven’t had an analysis done, but out of the tap (and letting it set open for 24 hrs) I get readings of pH 7.4 and around 400 ppm TDS. So I just pH it and use it. Seems to be working OK. Now for my clones, I use distilled. You can see my first grow here:

Mt First Grow - Kandy and Cookies

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I have the up, down, general hydro with the color tester kit, the shop I bought pens from is about 15 mins from where I live. Lady there said my tap water in our city would be 8, pen said 8.2. Use my kit to get some water to good yellow color, pen said 6.6 , i I’m hoping at least it close if I have a problem I can always take back best part about buying local

I think you’ll be fine. Did the up/down kit come with a small vial, and some test drops along with a color coded chart? If so, do that test, and check you pen’s reading against the color chart. Won’t be super-accurate, but you can make sure you’re in the ball park.