Nute change questions

I have been using Bergman nutes. Great stuff! I guess it is no longer available. Is there anything else that is as easy and with the results? I grow in soil and l have always had great results. Getting ready to start a new grow need to make a decision. Thanks for any suggestions !!

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Jack’s 3-2-1 is gaining in popularity with a large cross-section of experienced growers.

@Not2SureYet @Bogleg @Nicky @imSICKkid @dbrn32 are a few.


Hi I grow in coco coir but I use cana coco A& B and Rhizzotonic I also do cal mag and armor ci a couple of times a week and they work great you can find them on Amazon. Also this is what I use in veg I switch to advance nutes when I put them into flower. I have been wanting to try some of Bergman’s plant protector but its also been out of stock for months.

I switched to the general hydroponics maxi series. It’s just 2 bags of dry nutrients. 1 for vegg and 1 for flower