Nute burn/rot? Foilar overdose?

first day and 1/2 into the ground. Im pretty sure this is a toxicity issue from not properly diluting foliar nutrients enough/overdosing. Just need some clarification.
Thank you in advance.


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A little too much nitrogen. Probably will out grow it as it gets larger.

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I wouldnt sweat it. Maybe ease up on the nitro for a week or two and let her breathe. I think youll be fine.

When folliar feeeding what time do you do it?
During or before heat of the day can cause issues

All the foilar feeding I did was under an overhang. I just now moved from under to open sunlight 2 days ago with no feed. I was only spraying in evening.

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I know for a fact I didn’t dilute it enough in the sprayer

Update leaves are breaking apart slowly dying off and super goopy like lettuce left in the fridge too long.