Nute burn please help, thank you

I am thinking this is fungus gnat damage, not sure. I have a few yellow cards up but they are not many on the cards. One of the 5 plants seems to be the worst. I have DE from gardening. MY question, I’m now in week 7 flower the worst plant cola leaves don’t seem as sticky almost like the plant is giving up, buds look healthy white hairs all over and sticky, would going after the gnats now be worth it for the plants sake or will I make it with diminished return? Thank you.

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If there’s not many on the yellow cards then it’s most likely not fungus gnats
-good luck

Any way you can upload a picture

Id definatley eliminate any knats in the soil or room, as for having a diminshed yield I can’t really say I’ve never dealt with that, how much longer in flower does she have

Check extensively for gnats none found. Hung a few more cards near soil will check tomorrow.

I’m at the start of week 7 flower

It’s most likely a pH based issue. Fill out a support ticket and someone will be able to help you

if those were my plants I would have already flushed them with ph balanced water to stop any further damage, sometimes all a plant needs is a good flush and then readjust nutes and pH

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Either ph, or potassium deficiency or heat

Ok went with flush on worst plant run off water started at 4.8 ph at 4 gals threw her now at 6.4. Beginner I am indeed, ran out of light for other 4 will do them tonight. What should I do to recover now. This is day 1 of week 7 flower. Thank you all in advance. Hope I don’t lose to much, but on a positive note “I Love Growing”.

I would:

-raise / turn down the lights for a couple days
-let the plant dry
-feed a mild ph adjusted nutrient solution at next feeding

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You can water with a slightly higher ph level, what do you usually ph water at

I filter my water of chlorine and other bs that comes out of the faucet at ph7.2. I bring it down to 6.4 then add nutes. I mix in a 5 gal water can then distribute to 5 1 gal. Jugs. Definitely learning. Very receptive and appreciative to advice. I studied as much as possible but you guys have been there.

If you water with a 8.5 ph it should be able to drop to about 6.3, are you in soil or hydro (dwc). I’m getting the 8.5 and 6.3 from doing some math and your ph is dropping 2.2 so figuring 2.2 from 8.5 that should drop it to 6.3

I’m in soil, FoxFarm Ocean Forest 70% mixed with 30% Coco Core for moisture retention. I use “PH down” to get to 6.4. Never checked PH after adding Nutes.

So to get you on track this is what we’ll do, get the ph reading after you add the nutrients, chances are one of the nutrients are causing it to go more acidic…or atleast that’s what it sounds like to me…

You may have to use a ph up to adjust to proper levels, or try flushing your soil, option b there is a toxic build up in the soil, which will require to flush, re feed and readjust ph.

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Ok some how I had one very sick girl and the other we’re starting that way. The others ranged from 5.6 to 5.9 flushed all until I had a sure 6.4-6.5. After she dries out a bit I will do what you said, PH after nutes. I think I will also mix each gallon on its own rather that trying to hit 5 gallons right. The girl I flushed this morning is already showing new christals on the leaves. I will update in a few days. Thanks so much majiktoker.

Thank you Paranorman! I appreciate the help.

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Yea any time my pleasure, and i find it a little easier to just Mix 1 gallon at a time it’s alot easier to figure out, looking forward to seeing the progress my friend…

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How’s it going? Just wanted to let you guys know that the flush gave me time time I needed and salvaged my plants. Harvest 6 days ago. Lessons learned,
PH after Nute added, grow less than 5 plants for area. For my first grow I am happy and learned a lot. Had two Super Skunk, 2 AK-47 and one White Widow, lots of buds unfortunately most are light and airy. Also lost a lot of sugar leaf trim to Nute burn. But ended with 11.7 OZ’s. Very happy to be making my wife our own medicine. Thanks again for the help wen needed.


You also ended with knowing airy and light buds are caused by temperature differences

This is very true. Will be germinating 3 new girls in a week. Hopefully will improve on last. Thanks again.

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