Nute burn please help, thank you

Newbe looking for some help. Week 6 flower PH 6.5 sugar leaf seems to be turning up and drying. Using Roberts bloom and flower per watering specs. WW, Super Skunk and AK47. All seemed good till this passed week, had to leave town, set up drip for 10 days. Came home plants where very light. All in Fox farm and 10 gal fiber pots. Almost there, thinking 3 weeks and a flush week. First attempt. Any adivice, dropping Nutes for one week.

First thing I can think is heat stress and low humidity, if containers see light that’s an indication for more water. What are your temps and humidity levels

You in full bloom don’t worry about the leaves they will change cause your ppm is very high and that’s almost normal in some cases from the phosphorus but your doing good just don’t over do it and keep your ph in between 6.0-6.2 you should be fine there to finish .

Soil ph should be 6.3-6.9, 6.5 is perfect for a soil grow don’t mess with your ph and keep at 6.5

Thank you. 50% Hum and 68-73F. Forgot to include lighting 400w HPS about 2ft above canopy. I think I got to dry and panic a little. Just want the girls to deliver the babies. Thank you

Thank you first grow and getting close just don’t want to overlook. Ty

How much are you feeding

Following water schedule from site and useing Robert supplements. Feeding once a week 10ml flower booster and 5ml mass booster recipe week 6 once a week and regular watering without nute on other watering. Also plants just started getting 3rd watering really using it up now.

Try to slightly increase their feeding that may help you out, seeing your temps at what they are as well as humidity that won’t be a factor, it’s all gunna come down to feeding, and white widow I think is a 9-10 week flowering plant, so In addition you’ll only need to feed her one more time than after that your flush will be coming along for the final 2 weeks

Wow, thanks for the help Majiktoker, one follow up ?, when you say slightly increase are you saying add a few ML to the one feeding or add a few ML’s to the other waterings. Thanks a bunch this forum rocks as well as all of you that give insight.


Add about 1/2 ML more to the one feeding, and no problems my friend

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That’s some good advice myfriend,
How are you and the girls doing ?


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I’m alright, one of my ladies got damaged from the thunder storm :cry:, how are you doing my friend

Miss majiktoker how bad , will it recover maybe ?

I’m a 21 year old male bro lol, im the baby of the forum, and yes she’ll recover she just got smashed by our monsoons, she took a hailstorm with hail balls about the size of qtrs and 75 mph winds, few leaves got damaged but she’s already bouncing back, oh yea and she had a tree fall on her, In the after math here she is

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I am thinking this is fungus gnat damage, not sure. I have a few yellow cards up but they are not many on the cards. One of the 5 plants seems to be the worst. I have DE from gardening. MY question, I’m now in week 7 flower the worst plant cola leaves don’t seem as sticky almost like the plant is giving up, buds look healthy white hairs all over and sticky, would going after the gnats now be worth it for the plants sake or will I make it with diminished return? Thank you.

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If there’s not many on the yellow cards then it’s most likely not fungus gnats
-good luck

Any way you can upload a picture

Id definatley eliminate any knats in the soil or room, as for having a diminshed yield I can’t really say I’ve never dealt with that, how much longer in flower does she have

Check extensively for gnats none found. Hung a few more cards near soil will check tomorrow.

I’m at the start of week 7 flower