Nute burn or nitrogen deficiency

Need help not sure if I have a nitrogen deficiency or nute burn. Everything was going great till last week which was week 5 for germination then started seeing lower leafs turning yellow and then tips turning brown on the upper leafs Running fox farm ocean forest.


Do you know the runoff PPM?

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Nute burn an possibly the very beginning of nitrogen or potassium deficiency a lil hard to tell

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Can you tell us a bit more about what you’re feeding and how often?

Looks like a few older leaves are starting to die off. Which is normal, especially being on the bottom.
I would definitely still be feeding if you’re not.
The brown tips on the leaves is a hint of nutrient burn, but that was the past (bottom older growth) as long as the top leaves and leaves that came in during the stretch look good, that’s the newer growth.


No I don’t have a ppm tester as this is my first grow so still learning a lot.

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I havnt been feed a lot since I’m running in soil. I started at week 4 with cal-mag 1ml micro .5ml grow .5ml bloom .5ml all fox farm. Feed twice a week and then just phed water between feedings

Couple more pictures hope these help.

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I would remove the yellowing fan leaves, I would continue to feed, but more often. This is the stage where they’re most demanding.


Yep I’m with @Covertgrower they look a bit hungry.

I’m in ffof, just transplanted to 3g fabric pots, using natural spring water pHd to 6.3, started 4ml/g Cal Mag solution every other water(only 40-60ml) in seedling cups. I did make a batch of very weak ff big bloom I believe, 1/2 tsp/g, and I gave it one dose of 40ml of that 2 days ago. I’m assuming this is probably nute burn??? This is my first grow in doors, trying to do it as right as I can but sometimes what you read has mixed messages. I hit it with about a half gallon of just pHd spring water today to try to help flush it, with a little Cal Mag solution just in case it’s a deficiency. I don’t really kno what I’m doing and can use all the help I can get.

I also had a pretty high VPD (1.5) so I think I was drawing too much into the plant too quickly. I’ve got it down to 1.1 VPD now, so hopefully it will regulate transpiration a little better and that will help some… but I’m just winging it after reading up…

Yes. Using just spring water will be fine for a few more weeks.
Otherwise they look great to me.

You don’t think i need to cut out the singed leaves? She’s a baby, sprouted on 11/17. I don’t want to cut into her too early. I was told in another thread I should start them early on the cal mag since it’s botanicare + that I ordered. I think that’s what is called. Anyway, I was told to start them at 3-5ml/g now every other water.

#2 sprouted 2 days later. She’s doing great, but I never hit her with the nute solution.

They’re fine.

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