Nute burn or deficiency

I hot it with 20-20-20 npk week ago had to cover them due to heavy rain.

I would check under the bottoms of all the leaves as best you can for pests. The running in some of those spots indicate something grazing along the leaf. I couldn’t help you as far as nutes go.

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I see some sort of bug in last pick on leaf

Looks like you spilled nutes or water on it to me. And either the nutes burnt the leaf or the light magnifying through the spilt water burnt it. And yes there is an odd looking fly on the leaf in the last pic

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It’s just a fly it’s Florida yes I did spill some npk fertilizer

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Lol I was all ready to identify the common housefly as that’s an insect I know but you beat me to it

That and the leaf miners on your plant are the cause. Better get on a pest eradication program quick or you will have lots of problems.

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I had a Similar Issue…
I tested the soil for Ph/N/K/P and was deficient in K and P
My suggestion would be to test soil. It’s the only way to definitively know if your plants are deficient or not.
Good Luck!
Looks Beautiful!

That is a long legged fly in the last pic and is considered a beneficial insect as it preys on insect pests !!
I never brush them off my plants …

Can’t help with the spots
But I also spilled nutes on my plant leaves before and it looked similar

The last pic also some of the leaves do look like possible leaf miners
Haven’t dealt with that pest yet
I’d inspect that plant more thoroughly and keep a close eye on it …maybe even look up leaf miners and how to stop them

I use the dirty tarp to cover my plants before the tropical rain and some of the dustman you’re falling on the plants I use the mister to spray off the s*** on the plants and it seemed a lot cleaner now I’m going to get some Dean spray and some antifungal spray just to be sure