Nute burn, or deficiency?

Nute burn cut your strength back 25 % and see what happens next feeding

It’s in amended Coco. Should I just flush it out a few times and then reamend the Coco?

  • ILGM blueberry auto
  • Method: Coco w/perlite
  • Vessels: 3gal smartpot
  • PH of Water 6.5
  • Indoor
  • Light system QB 135
  • Temps 76f-81f
  • Humidity 51-56
  • Co2 No
    Light height 20 inches
    Amended with Dr. Earth 4-4-4
    Calmag plus every other watering.

Doesn’t look like burn to me. Looks more like the leaves dipped down into the wet coco and got nutrient water on them. I grow in coco myself, what type of nutes you use? And how strong often?

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@Snufaluffagus in coco you want ph to be about 5.8

@HornHead . Dr. Earth dry amendments. My pH is 6.2. will 5.8 be ok for all the microbes in the Coco? I just top dressed last week with 70percent 4-4-4 and 30percent 3-9-6. everything was fine until I added some calmagplus.

I don’t know anything about top dress nutes but I’m damn near 100% positive it’s just from where the leaves came in contact with the coco

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I agree with @HornHead.

Why top dressing? Why are you running coco like this?

What is the TDS of your nutrient solution? How are you measuring ph?

No nutrient solution whatsoever. I use a pH pen to measure my pH.

Plain water and then top dress every 3-4 weeks depending on how the plant looks. Very simple actually. I think I may have over did the nutes w the added calmagplus. Bit it could have been the leaves touching the Coco from lst.

This is not the normal way to run coco. It is not a soil but a media and typically is handled using a DTW (drain to waste) feeding schedule. You are IMO setting yourself up for difficulty.

Using coco like soil eliminates all of the advantages of using a media.

what is going on with our plants