Nute burn on 6 month old pita

Hey all

So, I’ve had this plant going since mid September 2021. I thought she was an auto but after some advice i flipped her and she seems to be a photo. Mexican airlines under a sf1000. 65-75f with 45-55rh. This is week 3 going on 4. Ocean forest, ph, 5.5-6.3 water every 2-3 days, Dr earth bud and bloom about every other watering… whats going on here and how do i fix her?

My other 2 arent doing so hot either but those are in a veg cabinet so ill keep experimenting… maxisun pb1000, same soil… do si do(L) and ayahuasca purple(R). I want to flip the ayahuasca but shes not doing so great and im not sure there would be enough room with the beast in the tent. Temps around 68-75, humidity is a lower at abou 35rh and its not really correcting itself. I put a humidifier in the room the other day and it hadnt really helped much.

I had a cutting mistake with the smaller one while mainlining but ive slowly been able to correct it so there will eventually be 8 main coalas.

Any suggestions on these 2 would be much appreciated too…


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Welcome to the community , check your PPM run off they look hungry . Personally I do not see any nute burn. Good luck

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The ones in flower I wouldn’t be too worried about yet. The new growth still looks nice and green.

It’s definitely the RH that’s causing you problems in your veg area. You won’t be able to make it happy until you fix that.


If cant get humidity up get temps to 80-85 and lights off 70. My rh is always 35-45 and i grow fine. More watering. Just what works for me.

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Thanks for the responses everyone. Ill leave her be and see how she turns out. On to week 5!

5.5 pH for soil that’s not right you need 6.0 to 6.5