Nute Burn? HELP

Hello friends. Brand new grower here. I have a gorilla glue autoflower in week 6. I am getting yellowing on the tips of mainly the leaves on the tops of my plant. Also, I’m starting to see a little curling on the tips. Any help would be appreciated.

Since she went into flower I dropped the temperature from 75 - 70. RH is between 30-60. I am growing under a hlg 135. There is great circulation and decent negative pressure in the tent. I am growing in Coco in 2 gal fabric pots and I have fed everyday since she popped. The pH stays between 5.8 and 6.0. The ppm of intake is 550 and runoff is 450. I am using a General Hydroponics feeding schedule for autos. I tried to post it but it would not let me.

I am not sure if these are two different problems or if it’s simply nute burn and I need to cut back the nutes a little. I would just hate to kill all these pretty flowers. Thank you in advance.


Yeah; they’re PDF files which won’t copy over. Open the schedule in a new tab and then save it. Then open it in your saved file and copy to the journal.

If mainly on the top indicates excess light and should raise lights up 6" or so. Your TDS level is not going to cause tip burn.

I would suggest doing a calibration check on your meters as they do drift. A nutrient lockout could cause darker leaves and twisting.

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@Jdoobee ,

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Ok… Yes, that’s the start of "NUTRIENT BURN " Just water her for the next two weeks and them use only half of the nutrient to start with and you will be ok.

B Safe.

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Thanks for the quick responses. I am definitely going to do it today.

Agree with @garrigan62 and @Myfriendis410. There have been a few of these the past few days. Too much nitrogen causes the dark green lower leaves and the tip burning. It’s not too bad yet, and it sounds like your PPMs are okay now. You should be okay.

Good luck with the grow, and you might find this useful going forward.

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