Nute burn every time I use ffof soil!

I am using FFOF soil in solo cups. Seeds popped and now sings of nute burn… That soil has to be to hot. Done making that mistake.


Yea I hear that’s a common problem most around here either mix that with happy frog or coco+perlite

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Do you think they will get over it. Or start from go…lol

Yea they’ll be fine just dilute your mix in your transplant pot and they’ll recover just fine

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Thanks. second grow and its not going to be like the first grow. Learned alot though. Sure I will this time as well.

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I use light warrior from fox farms for seedlings


@Tinman got you covered light Warrior good product to start seedlings . Always works great for me.

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I’ve had no problems starting seedlings in either of these. Available cheap at Wal Mart. Finishing up my first grow in the red stuff. New one going strong in the yellow.

Ocean Forest is known to be a hotter soil. If I were you I would just go buy a brick of coco-coir and start future seedlings in that. Coco coir doesn’t bring an npk value to the table, and it discourages root issues and overwatering deoxygenation. I would advise against using anything from Walmart or Home Depot that is labeled as “potting soil” as these often contain time release pellets that can alter your plants natural processes, and create nutrient build-ups. A classic example is when people use Miracle Grow (which itself is a slow time released chemical heavy in nitrogen) too close to transition, and don’t understand why their plants are showing strange funky nitrogen toxicity issues and slowed growth late into flowering. The time release nitrogen can even delay your flowering cycle. If you want a good starter soil recipe try this-

-60% coco coir, 30% perlite, 10% vermiculite

Veg stage plants+
-40% coco coir, 20% perlite, 5% pumice, 5% compost, 5% vermiculite, 15% worm castings, 5% cow manure, 5% chicken manure.

Those substrate recipes are good for starts and in veg if you are supplying nutrients. If you want, I can post the full soil recipe I use, which, will give you amazing quality with minimal added nutrients

I just ordered Mother Earth HGC714837 Coco Plus Perlite Mix for Indoor and Outdoor Container Gardens, Provides Strong Aeration & Drainage 70% Coconut Coir, Resists Compaction, 50 Lit I am going to mix that with ffof when I transplant out of the solos.

That recipe would be awesome! Thanks for your input.

I use ffof for my entire grow seedlings, veg, and bloom. With that being said. What I do for my seedlings is put ffof in solo cup a few days before you put your lady in it. Make holes in the bottom of your cup and flush the soil in the solo cup once a day until ready to be transplanted. It seems to work pretty good for me. I do want to try and mixing coco coir with my ffof so I can stretch my ffof a little further. You can save a your ffof from your last grow as well and just flush the soil really good. I would only recommend doing that for seedlings and not your whole grow. Hope this helps. Happy growing friends!

This is washed up ffof with perlite mixed in.

In the soil amendment category I posted the full soil recipe and some additional info if you would like it. A yard of soil is about 200 gal btw for conversions. I think I posted it as Ancient Wiseman Soil Recipe.

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