Nute Burn? Defiencies? Help Gary

@skydiver Gary took 12 days to dry.

Sounds like maybe not enough aeration? Or maybe a root issue.
I do know mine slow way down near end of life. They peak for the week or two after flip and then go for a bit and then slow down their intake at least in my experience anyway as they near fruition.

Now I’m not missing something like Gary is chopped right lol

@skydiver. Gary and friends were stunted clones I picked up10/22 on a whim. Growing them for my adult family, not me. Made a grow closet, got lights and repotted (just whatever potting soil I had in the shed and stuff available from HD in November). I’ll say they’ve all grown beautifully, doubled in size, new thick green growth since then but Gary just wants to be a butt. I’ve topped and spread the others and they are just now bushing out nicely. I gently tried to bend her two main colas a bit tonight but haven’t topped her since she always seems to become unhappy very quickly. I’ll check on her tomorrow and see if she perked up with her water.

I am planning on flipping in two weeks and want her healthy and make sure she gets the extra care she needs.


Gary recovered. I think I went too long before watering. Each girl has done the same. They all got very droopy after watering after being completely dry.


Gary after watering today. Did a bit of plucking. They all go to 12:12 next weekend.


Make sure she’s bounced back before flipping (looks fine from pic just wanted to double down in case you have any reservations). Will definitely be worth the wait. Great job Gary looks fantastic!!

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@Sirsmokesalot. I was going to flip Gary and friends this weekend since she looks great. Silly noobie me picked up five clones, each a different strain, so my husband and kids could pick their favorites. I am running out of room in my 2” by 4” space! I am going clean out the other half of the closet tomorrow and spread them out. They were so little when I got them but now they are monsters.

I know this pic is under blurpies but you can see how they are growing into one another.

Gary says happy holidays. I am flipping New Year’s Day. Any suggestions before I do?

@Nicky @Sirsmokesalot

Um hard to tell but if it’s healthy and a decent size then you cna flip.
Ensure your run off numbers are looking good or even better do a soil slurry before. It’s going to get hungry from the flip onward and you need to keep up on the nitrogen for the two week stretch plus calcium all through till harvest.

@nicky. Thanks! I tried to do some LST. I have some bloom feed but need to get cal/mag. Time for Amazon since the local hardware store doesn’t have much of anything. First grow so nothing fancy but will try to improve soil and nutrient choices next time.

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@Nicky. My cal mag is due in second week of January with other supplies so I will flip when it arrives. I did some more LST on a another plant and also want it to recover before flip. In the meantime I’ve been adding Epsom salts for mag and trying to find something to add for calcium. I think I read dolomite? The hardware store has some.

Gotta be carwhat you add because you could mess with the PH of your medium…

I just use PH up and down because it’s easily available to me you’ll have to find some reliable info from someone who could help with that.
I will say that it should be readily available as some things take a whole to break down. A local hardware store may have oyster shell mix I think that’s an organic calcium additive.

Maybe one of the organic guys can help like @Sirsmokesalot or @Skydiver

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@nicky I forgot to get a loupe so I can add the up/down and some perlite for the next round. Free shipping over $25 on the ‘zon! Right now pH in is 6.2ish and out 6.5. Better than 7.4 in and 7 out they were running. TDS in 800-1000 and out ~650 now.

Is that from run off though?
Do a soil slurry it’s the only accurate way for soil unfortunately.

Also don’t get a loup get a USB microscope much much better and we can train your eye as you can post pictures tell us what you think then we can verify.
Ps it comes in handy around the house sometimes! I’ve removed micro slivers and all sort of cool stuff we almost used it on my kittys ears to check for infection of the material he had but the vet got him in same day

@nicky. I am sorry to be such a pest. I know I ask you a lot of questions so one more (let me know when I hit my quota!).

Do you have a Amazon link to a scope you would recommend?

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They are almost all the same just sold by different people with different logos. The gutsare the same even if the shell isn’t.
Any USB microscope ide buy if the price was right even if it had) reviews, as long as its prime of course because you can ship back anything with prime.

I use oyster shell powder as a top dressing on a monthly basis to provide calcium. It takes awhile to be broken down by the soil critters.
I also use it in my soil mixes at beginning.
Dolomite lime will also add calcium and quicker but it can also (will) raise soil ph up depending on how much you use where oyster shell won’t so much and oyster shell will act as a buffer for PH.

You can also make your own CalMag or just calcium by using left over egg shells powdered in a blender and place that in a cup etc and cover with simple white vinegar and let it react for several days until the vinegar smell is gone and drain off the liquid and now you have a quick calcium additive. @Budbrother posted this awhile back. Do a search you’ll find his post. You can also add a pinch of epsom salt and then you have your calcium and magnesium (CalMag)


Me again. So I McGyvered a plastic file holder in a tub so I don’t carry the harem downstairs. I set my pH and TDS meters upright in the runoff. Came back to find the meters tipped over. The cheapie pH meter had water inside - who doesn’t make a waterproof pH meter? Glad it is gone I had to calibrate every use! I ordered an Apera? TDS meter might recover. One more plant to feed and clone. Then some blackening curtains and then time for flip!!! I’ve been slowly changing the timer to be more in align with my work schedule, sun, and lights in our house.

Hello my helpers! So once again it is Gary. This weekend she knocked my pH pen in the collection basin and drowned it (I left the room for 30 minutes while she was draining so I have no proof). I have an Apera? showing up shortly.

Tonight during check in she showed me these leaves. They are on the bottom half of the plant and were the only ones.

Let me preface that I received these clones and was unprepared. Don’t hate me.

3 gal fabric pots
Cal mag and MG indoor plant food
2 year old viagro potting soil from the shed
2 cheap blurples
Humidity 45-55
Temp 60-70
Ph in typically 6.2-6.5 out < 7
TDS 800 in 300 out

Her upper growth is nice and healthy. Anything I should be concerned about or is just normal fan leaves giving up nutrients?

Planning on flipping when the new pH pen is here. I don’t want to switch lights if she is unhealthy.


As always I appreciate your wisdom and thank you in advance for any advice you can provide.