Nute Burn? Defiencies? Help Gary

Here’s a simple pH chart for soil to give you an idea of the ranges


Hi @Nicky I pulled up the 2020 water report no pH listed. Water sources are three creeks and stored in a reservoir. They floc and distribute. The creek received mine drainage and we have high levels of naturally occurring U and Ra.

Rad plants LOL.

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I have the mosquito bits on order. And found some citric acid in the pantry I have diatomaceous earth in the garage and will put some down. Just hate working with the stuff. I used it to control the nasties that eat my tomotoes. I sprayed the girls with a bottle with one drop of detergent. That is what I used on my houseplants when I bring them in from outdoors. I did it right before lights out.

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Just be aware most “detergent” has toxic crap in them. Look up Dawn ingredients. I don’t use that anymore at all.
I use simple Dr. Bronners soap as it’s as simple and safe as you can get for both you the plants and cleaning.

Dang I used Dawn since that was recommended by the houseplant community. I have to realize I am not growing spider plants, philos, orchids or Ivy any more. LOL!

You will have to wait for a PH meter and tds meter unless you have a bit tub place/pool place nearby or a lab as they test water.
A place her does oil, water, chemicals all sorts of stuff

Woohoo now 57%!

@Nicky with positivity growing exponentially after everyone relaxed protocols I am no longer inclined to search stores. I checked the State lab and testing is too spendy since I am facing a pink slip in January. I will just keep nursing Gary the best I can until the Amazon shipment shows up.

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Probably what I would do to, to be honest.

What one did you buy?

@Nicky. Toolazy digital pH meter. Also a pic of Gary enjoying sunshine! Bottom 12 inches came when I got her but seems to be doing much better. Upper 4-6inches I claim as mine.

A bunch of super dark green leaves and nute burned ones have dropped off. Should I be worried about purple stems that only show on fan leaves?

Most municipalities tap water is pH’d to at least 7, with about 7.4 being average in the U.S. pretty much guarantees a high pH. Municipalities do this to prevent corrosion in the water system… not a 100%, but a pretty good rule of thumb…


Not much you can do to be honest, keep her in veg by giving 18hr of light.
When your PH issue gets sorted we can get her healthy and veg her out to the right size you want then flip.

@Otis agreed PH will be high ussualy 7-7.4 from. What I’ve. Seen

You folks are awesome!

Thank you @Otis

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@Otis @Nicky

Gary is getting watered Sunday. Should I proactively add citric acid for that watering?

@Skydiver or @Sirsmokesalot
May be able to give you guidance

Thank you. @Sirsmokesalot gave me his recipe. Gary is a scrapper. She’ll make it I am sure! All other strains are bushing out now. They all had bad childhood upbringings.

Just started taking off a couple of weeks ago.


I broke Gary!!! I feel horrible. She had two main limbs and I snapped one turning her while sunning. I tied the broken branch back. I was trying to nurse her and now I broke her.

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Make sure to water her soon - drying out can make it harder for her to heal. Can spray around the broken area as well to keep it moist for the first couple days. I’m sure she’ll be fine :+1:tape her up as well so infection doesn’t set in (can use super glue as well)

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No worries as long as it isn’t a complete break and you support it if needed for a week or so she’ll be stronger for it.
I brake my plants main stem and branches all the time mostly on purpose to get them where I need them. I will use that white fabric type medical tape but don’t do anything else and haven’t lost a limb yet.

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