Nute Burn? Defiencies? Help Gary

Thank you @Dave101. I’ll make up an extra two gallons for my Gary - maybe three since pH is logarithmic. He will be as flushed as meeting the parents on a first date!

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I meant she - too much time elapsed to edit. Gary is a she. Like a Boy Named Sue.

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You don’t necessarily want to drop the PH too low all at once.
Your isn’t that far out of range. I suggest doing so in steps.
Go in at 6.0 next time you water and water some extra for run off and see.
Just my thoughts…growing in living soils I’ve essentially left all that crap behind so haven’t had to deal with all those gyrations for some time now

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Haha I love that song

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@Skydiver do you have a grow journal?

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Here is my concurrent grow journal

Here is my first grow journal

I have created several topics on the forum just click my name and you’ll be able to see what topics I’ve started…much good info I’ve read about and shared in various posts…mostly discussing organic grows and such

@Skydiver. I am still learning how all this works! Looking forward to your journals!

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Never ending journey…it’s a hoot! Best “job” ever.
Much great info around here.

BTW anytime you wanna check out someone topics just click on their icon/name and then again I think,haha and it will take you to their stats and there if you select topic will show what threads they started and looking at the date of last post you can see active threads and old ones easily

Like this with your info

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@skydiver I did not know it was that easy! I thought I had to get invited somehow.

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Haha you have already been invited and here you are!

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@Dave101 @Nicky @Otis @Skydiver @Sirsmokesalot

Here is Gary. She survived the break and growing like gangbusters after adjusting the pH of her water and adding a second light to the grow closet. She’s 17” now - she was a 10” stunt when I got her.

I swear the last 2” were since the pH adjustment and a good flush.

She looks like a jungle up top. Do I need to do any trimming or topping?


So you flushed Bruce Jenner there? Really good?
Did you re do a soil slurry sample to find your ph and tds?
Make sure that PH is ideal or everything’s useless then make sure your tds is appropriate for your stage fo growth

Soil slurry test. pH 6.5. PPM 550. And yes Gary is in Vigoro all purpose potting mix, .07:.04:.03 percentage wise - not much left at Home Depot in late November!

I have only applied compost tea made out of grow-rite out of CO pH 5.6 but picked up some Epsom salts and will start drying eggshells.

Gary and the other girls are 12 weeks old. Trying to keep this grow as natural as possible.

Not looking for a gigantic harvest since this is my first grow. Just want to make it through flowering and get something my SO can smoke.


Buds take a significant amount of light and nutrients to grow
You really need to pump up the ppm
Buy some flowering fertilizer from a hardware store or a hydro store.
Use it

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@Nicky. Thank you! You have been very helpful to this noob. I’ll do what I can to finish this very stunted grow. I have some liquid houseplant food which will have to do since we are are one level below another lockdown and heck only knows when I can get anything during the holiday season from Amazon - nothing against Amazon! They have a lot of volume this year. We also have a rash of porch pirates and mailbox bandits in our neighborhood.

Since they are 12 weeks old and vary from 12-17” with bags that add another 9” when should I take the scary plunge and flip?

Closet is 5’ tall. With a bigger carabiners and a bit of MacGivering I can get the lights to about 4” below the top.

Thanks again friend.

@Nicky. Gary is supposedly a GG4 but knowing a few growers…well tagging gets mixed up. She is really pulling Sativa compared to the others.

Well that’s a nice strain it takes its time to bulk up but it does bulk up.

Your welcome anything to help a fellow grower

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I would clean up all the larf at the bottom that’s never going to catch up. Pinch all the stems at a make believe height and bend them over (super cropping) anything under this line in the sand needs to go that way you send all the nutrients to the colas you’re going to keep. I’d allow 3 weeks or so of healing and new growth before switching to flower. Gary looks great👍 Well done

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@Sirsmokesalot ! OMG a thumbs from you? I feel like Garth saying “I’m not worthy”.