Nute Burn? Defiencies? Help Gary

Hi. This is Gary. She is showing brown tips, curling and brown spotches. She had a tough childhood. Stunted, root bound in a solo cup with nute burn. I just transplanted to 3 gallons.

She is GG4
Indoor grow
Viagro potting soil.
No nutrients except for some compost tea.
PPM in 60-80 tap water that sits for 24 hours.
PPM out around 800.

Do you ph your water to around 6.5 ?

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I have no idea until my pH meter shows up next week! Hope Gary makes it until then. Tap water here is hard. She lives in a closet with four buddies that haven’t gone “tharn”. RH is 30-50. Temp 60-70. Unfortunately the edit to my response timed out before I could add more information. I have a fan and humidifier running.

If your ph is out of range you could definitely be locking out certain nutrients. Any chance you could run out to a local store and pick up a simple drop test kit for now ?
I think you can get this one at Walmart maybe do a quick search in your area see where you can get one

Thank you @Dave101. I’ll try but restrictions in our State are hitting Red on Friday. If that doesn’t work another lockdown so I rely on Amazon running 2 weeks out. Walmart and HomeDepot did not have much on Sunday. I had to take what I could find.


Yes I completely forgot COVID is messing everything up, hopefully your ph meter arrives soon.

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I am at the point of making them all houseplants and giving up the grow😢. I bought 5 sad clones. They started getting happy and Gary is sad again.

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Hang in there, you got this. Once your ph meter arrives check you water ph and adjusted accordingly. check runoff ph, flush the plant if out of range.


I’ve got great news
Your clones are photos this means as long as you can give them near 18hr of light and 6hr of darkness then they will survive.
Once your PH meter shows up, sounds like you have a tds meter?, we can start helping you veg them properly until your plants are healthy enough to flip.
This is going to take a while though right.

The brown spots are out of focus I was wondering if you could give us some more pictures while we wait.

Do a soil slurry sample (google) and let’s see how much nutrients is in your soil.

Keep the fans giving your plants a light russle of the leafs this will aid them to strengthen their roots and stems


Thank you @Nicky and @Dave101.

I will try to get better pictures of the blotching, do a soil slurry and once the pH meter shows up I give you more numbers!

Gary seemed the hardiest of the bunch until now.


Better pictures of Gary.

Here is the splotching. I did spray for fungus gnats in the dark and no other plants have the same discoloration. pH meter and extra light should show up after thanksgiving.

@Dave101 @Nicky

Since you’ve potted up with fresh soil assuming that soil is cannabis friendly those issues with Gary should start showing corrections.
Looks like it was either a calcium issue from either not enough in there or due to a PH issue. Also could be some type of mold/fungus from high humidity or from foliar spraying causing humidity to be too high?

What did you use for the fungus gnats and when did you spray them? Lights on/off? Just before lights come on or after they went off or during lights on?
Fungus gnats are a general nuisance and of left to get out of control can be detrimental to the grow. Simple ways to control them. I use this as well as other things. Many suggest using DE (food grade diatomaceous earth) and ibe used that but don’t anymore as it tends to screw up the soil critters and mucks up the soil.

Once you receive your PH meter and check your source water if needed to lower PH and you want to save some money and also use something that is soil critter (bacteria and fungi) friendly use citric acid.
Only takes about 1/4 of a 1/4 Tsp of it to lower water PH from 8 down to around 6.5.

You’ll find this at grocery stores and costs like $6 and I still have the same one I bought 2 years ago but don’t use it anymore as I am growing with a living soil and natural nutrients with RO water and the living soil will regulate things. If your using chemical nutrients than you’ll need to monitor all that stuff constantly like PH and PPM (TDS) etc.


I though calcium but it’s to dark. I think it’s phosphorus because your PH is out of wack.

You need those meters.


Reference this chart and try and get as close as you can to it for better results based on what stage growth they are in.

Hope this helps and keep feeding your cannabinoid system

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I do see what looks like a phosphorus deficiency like @Nicky mentioned probably from the ph being out of range.

fungus gnats can be a big problem, make sure your not overwatering your soil, this will bring on the gnats as well. Best to only water when the pots are nice and light.

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Would that be pH too high or low? pH meter due in the 26th.

Thank you Dave. Since I have only grown thirsty houseplants until now I am sure I overwatered early on. They were potted in three gallons and watered last Sunday. I am letting the girls get light and maybe droopy before I water again. Doing the second knuckle test daily. Still damp.

Do you live in a city? A county ?
There should be a public water report available on your city’s website. Will give you a rough idea. My Geuss is to high.
Or you can tell me your city and I’ll find it

Thank you @Skydiver. It is very arid here. I have a humidifier running 24 and added a hanging wet towel. Closet is up to 47%.