Nute Burn, Deficiency, light to close or all the above? WWYD?

Strain; Seedsman Jack Herrera
Soil in pots: Miracle Grow Natures Care mixed with Miracle Grow Perlite about 1:4 Soil to Perlite ratio.
System type? 5 gal fabric pot/soil.
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? (At last watering)

  • Tap water PH without nutrients: 7.19
  • Tap water PH With nutrients: 3.85
  • Run Off PH: 5.36

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS:

  • General Organics BioThrive Bloom 2-4-4 9 (1 Teaspoon Per 2 Gallons - This is half reccomended feeding)
  • General Organics CaMg+ 1-0-0 (1/2 teaspoon per 2 gallons - this is half reccomended feeding)

Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor. 2x2x6 closet.

Light system, size? 300 W ViparSpectra LED light, suspended exactly 11 inches above top of main cola. higher above the rest of the canopy.

Temps; Day, Night Temp meter says temp high/low is 64/79 degrees.

Humidity; Day, Night Humidity meter says Low/High is 65%/85%, currently 70%

Ventilation system: 600cfm in line fan, LED has internal fan, small clip fan.

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier None.

Co2: None

3 issues/questions…

  1. Starting to see yellowing tips on the new growth/top level leaves.
  2. Old growth fan/lower leaves, yellowing, dying and falling off.
  3. Main Cola growth is crazy, 11 inches from light, no more room for to increase.

Saw this great chart elsewhere in the forums, but I don’t know if I should flush, or increase my nutes on the next feeding?

Switched to flower schedule 2 weeks ago. Main cola is growing so fast, raising light daily. At max height for the light. 11 inches from top of main cola, about 20 inches from the top of all secondary stems. This is first plant, no LST done, just growing naturally.

See yellow tips on the leaves of the main cola and some top level secondary stems, but at the same time, the old growth fan leaves at the bottom turning yellow, falling off.

So, is this a nute deficiency, burn or light issue? Any thoughts on the main cola, too late to LST, so just let it eat the light and see what happens or try some sort of pull to one side to reduce distance?

Thanks in advance.

Yellow Tips

Yellowing old growth

Main Cole vs. rest of stems - leaf tips on secondary stems yellowing as well.

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You probably have a bit of lockout at this pH and that’s why the leaves are yellowing, although the tips are the beginning of burn.

The burn could have potentially happened when pH was a little higher.

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These are both mobile deficiencies which will start on older growth

From what I can tell the light is way to close, I had my best grows with a led with the light as far away as possible. A led is 5 times more powerful the a hps. The reason I’m saying that is because of the chicken claw leafs on top . There folding under themselves trying to hide from the light.
There’s a little nute burn an those,ears too. Back off the nutes to 1/4 strength. Are less until new growth is healthy.
You said

Does that mean you feed at a ph of 3.85 ?
If so that’s a big problem but only part of the whole story.
You need to adjust ph to 6-7 before feeding in soil for the best results. proper ph levels are a must in the little hobby of ours.

Hope this helps. Growers love :heart: :seedling:

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Appreciate your reply…so that’s the thing…got no space left to move the light. Could pull the main cola to the side, reduce distance by a few inches, but then it would be growing sideways…don’t know if that even viable.

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O yeah I’ve turned them every way I could and it just causes more tops . That will help out a lot.

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I dont think your light is to close, I have my QB board 12" from my plants with no problems. I do however think you have a lockout/ nute burn issue, it is causing the tips to brown slightly, would love to see the plant without any lights on, that will give us a clear picture. Any rate, you could definitely bend it sideways to help and the bud will turn up in a couple hours.

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That is your first sign of Nutrient Burn

here is a pick of the same thing

Nutrient Burn is one of the MOST common mistakes a new grower makes,
reason for this is, because a newer grower will use a chemical nutrient
most of the time and listen to the directions on the box. This is a NO NO!
Depending on the age of the plant, size, strain and soil mixture you are using
also has a factor. There is no set guideline when using nutrients, but I can
give you a good example to start out with so you will not burn your plants.
It’s always good to start out light, rather than feed heavy. Remember you can
always add more later, but can not take out when you added to much. Chemical
and Organic nutrients differ. Chemical nutrients are more readily available
and can burn way easier than organics can. Organics are easier for a newer
grower to use, most of the time, and lessen your chances of burning your plants.
I recommend not using more than ½ teaspoon of chemical nutrients per gallon
of water. Unless the plants are very big 5 feet+, then it’s safe to use 1
teaspoon per gallon of water. When your plants first emerge you want to wait
at least 2 weeks before feeding your plants, unless your plants are in a soiless
mixture, like pro mix. The cotyledons (its first set of round looking leaves) are
what give the plant its food until they get the first 2 or 3 sets of leaves. If
your plants are in a soiless mixture and are over the first week of age; you can
feed a weak amount of nutrients, like ÂĽ teaspoon per gallon of water. Soiless
mixtures are different from soil plants and soiless plants need to be fed more
when using this mixture.

I also recommend not feeding more than 1 time a week if using ½ teaspoon per
gallon of water for chemical nutrients. You can feed every other day,( this
goes for chemical and organics) at very weak amounts, but doing this may contribute
to over watering, and for that I do not recommend feeding more than once a week.
Some people feed 2 times a week using like ¼ teaspoon per gallon of water… Use 1/4
strength for first feeding and then go up to 1/2 strength from the 2nd feeding when
using chemical nutrients. It’s very easy to overdo it. When using organics, depending
on which one you’re using, I recommend using 1 teaspoon per gallon of water. When the
plant gets bigger you can work your way up to using more nutrients when the plants
get bigger.

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Dead on my brother, I just posted that here first thing as soon as I saw his or her pic. bingo
great job my friend thumb

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@Aolelon @garrigan62 @TDubWilly @Wishingilivedina420state

Pics with no grow light attached.

Top of main cola.

Top down, full plant. You can see the tips of the other stems just starting to show yellow.

Again, appreciate the replies. Taking this as a nute burn issue. Have only been feeding once a week for the last 3-4 feeds (learned about overwatering in veg state the hard way)

So game plan is to go with next feeding, which will likely be in 1-2 days, but cut the nute ratio to 1/4 teaspoon per gallon. This is a 5 gallon fabric pot, Been watering right at 2 gallons per feed. Plant is about 30 inches high (36 inches at the top of the main cola)

Any reason to do the next watering with no nutes?

Again, many thanks.


They look good, except for the minor nute burn. I would just back off the nutrients a bit and she how they react.

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Is this a typo or do u have mostly perlite?
MG perlite has nutes in it also. Nute burn late in flower less of an issue. I may skip 1 feed Bc that’s what I should tell u to do. with that being said, I feed aggressively and I would keep on as long as it doesn’t go past the tips.

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I agree with @Aolelon 110%

Once again, those lower yellow leaves are a result from N or Mg, which N is no huge deal because they are in flower.

If it was me, I would correct my root zone pH and use a mild but balanced nutrient solution moving forward.

With all that said, I think they look absolutely fantastic :wink:

@anon95385719 you are right, this is a typo. It’s 1:4 Perlite to Soil…my bad. Thanks.

@Aolelon @TDubWilly understood will do on both points.

All the best to all. Salute!

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