NugSmasher Mini

Does anyone have experience with this product or a similar one that they could share with me?

I would like to produce some wax without the butane risks.

I searched for this on the forums and couldn’t find anything. If there is an existing discussion, please point me to it!

that would make rosin or live resin, not wax

both being a superior product, imho, however, the local church has a rosin press and while I haven’t used it, they say the yield of an 1/8 is like .2 grams

other than that, i have no more info

also, looking at the unit, you would not likely be able to do volume efficiently. it would basically be perfect for fresh squeezed bud. freeze your colas for live resin, dry for rosin


@Countryboyjvd1971 just bought one.
Not sure if he has had it long enough to provide feedback.


That produces heat and pressure. This is the evolution of the craze that had everyone going out and buying hair straighteners and parchment paper. How much stuff could you BUY for that price?