NPK values of liquid feed


whilst looking for nutrient I came across a plant food with the NPK levels of 7-7-7. I was thinking that due to the high nitrogen level that this would be good for my babies during the veggie stage with both my hydro system and my soil grown plants

Would this be right ?? Am I thinking correctly or would the high levels of the other nutrients make this feed unusable ?
I am aware that it would be no good for the flowering stage due to the high nitrogen level


Actually a 7-7-7 is pretty balanced and could be use for the entire grow if used as directed. It depends on how concentrated it is overall, but 7 is not that high at all. It might be fine for veg and early flower.

The amount of nitrogen can be reduced a bit after stretch, a couple of weeks into flower, but it might not be absolutely necessarily to do that with this.

What type of nutrient liquid? Also the NPK values are by no means the only considerations, the type of nutrients, how much is urea, etc. and micro nutrients like magnesium and calcium are very important as well as many others, especially in hydroponics.


looks like Iron is the only other nutrient in the mix

it has

total (n) of 7% made up of Nitric N 1.2% ammoniacal Nitrogen 1.6% and uriec Nitrogen 4.2%
Phosphorous Pentoxide (p2O5) souluable in water of 7% with P (3%)
Potassium Oxide 6%
with trace of chlorine and Iron

mixed at 15mg to 4litres

so looks like no trace elements

Yup, better for soil than hydro, it could cause pH problems in hydro, as well as not supplying enough micro nutes, especially if you are using a low EC/PPM water like distilled or r/o water. You’d probably need to add magnesium sulfate as well, even if using tap water or mineral water with lots of naturally dissolved minerals, the magnesium sulfate might not be enough.

At present I use the the Bio Bizz range of feeds. It just caught my eye when I was buying other stuff. the price mostly caught my eye lol … As you will be aware nutrients are not the cheapest part of the process. I continually look for way to reduce costs. I made my own CO2 set up with yeast sugar water and tomato puree lol and it works a treat, bucket bit of pipe ad a old watering can head , lashed together to for a delivery system