NPK...Ph soil and water?

I checked my levels bit no idea about runoff??? What is that…??? Am i underwatering??? Water ph is 6.3 soil ph is 6.5 . NPK…??? My meter just says surplus levels…what does thatean…is that good…??? And where do you take root zone soil from…???

To check runoff you would water enough that it runs out of the bottom of your pot and collect it in a clean container. That would be your “runoff”.

Ok. Will do next water. I havent had runoff yet except for 1st replant. My meter gives ph #'s but only says surplus for my npk. Also, what is EC and PPM and the other thing?

Perhaps this will help a bit.
Others will help out with info too.

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Npk is the ratio of nitrogen to phosphorus to potassium, usually seen in fertilizers or an amended growing media.

Ppm and ec are ways of measuring the concentration of nutrients.

My meter doesnt give me numbers. It just tells surplus, sufficient…etc…all my npk are surplus. Should i buy a different meter???

Yes, Its better to know exactly what you have.
Perhaps someone will post their recommendations.
I just picked up a cheap set to start out, but there are better choices than I made.

Check this out in the mean time

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A better meter would probably help quite a bit.

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For an EC/TDS meter you can’t beat the Bluelab Truncheon, no buttons just dip and read the LED’s, no calibration just keep it clean, runs on 3x AA batteries, can be used as a mixing stick.

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I am so newbie stupid…lmao… What exactly am i testing with this meter???

TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids, how much nutrients are in the water.

Now nitro K surplus and potash deffic…wtf