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I just wanted to get other members experienced thoughts on this particular nutrient line. Its not labeled for cannabis, but if you dig into their social media you’ll find some posts oriented towards cannabis. So it very well could be, and they are out of Oregon. The nutrients are designed towards hydroponics, and every thing is water soluable. I am unfamiliar with exact NPK requirements during veg and flower for cannabis, and it seems that the bloom recipe the phosphorus seems a bit low at 3-12-12. The veg is 7-4-5. This is their recipe, and could be changed for what I need it for, they do offer additional nutrients to add seperately, as well as microbes. This product line comes in up to 5 gallon buckets, or 2 oz amounts. I currently am using their humic acid, and kelp in my grow.
I blame @dbrn32 for this post, as he commented on my hydroponic thread and similar to his other nutrient post. Got me thinking again… lol
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i do not think link allowed but you can talk about them all you like @Covertgrower just leave out the .com or something…


After a quick peek, my local shop is listed as authorized retailer. I haven’t seen it there, but I’ve spent enough money there guy will give me his honest opinion. Not to say that’s end all be all, but he’s been around for a while.

I can say that it definitely appears a lot more expensive than the jr Peters . The aquagold, hydroponic, and other couple of blends I was looking at were running around $50 or so per 25 pound bag. The npk mix may be a lot more complete though, so I’m not really sure how it would play out. I do like that they sell a lot of the elements individually, so maybe a small package of some of their stuff could be a good supplement to one of the jr Peters blends?

I’ll go ahead and switch to watching and see what everyone’s else thinks.


is low in the right places N and a more balanced ratio on PK their RAW line is designed that you can mix your own ratios adding this or that at each stage with either grow or bloom acting as a balanced start point to add to


They’re calmag is calcium nitrate and magnesium sulfate, npk 9-0-0. The provided schedule seems to call for a small dose pretty much throughout. Very similar to the 3,2,1 method with the jr Peters I was asking about recently. It’s base npk is 5-12-26, using the method I suggested it’s 3 grams of the mix, 2 grams cal nitrate, and 1 gram of Epsom salts to replace the mag sulfate. I can’t remember exactly what final npk is, but it’s nearly identical to Lucas formula.

Based on the npk values, do you feel there is a significant difference?


@dbrn32 I don’t think there’s a significant difference. Very similar, just a different brand, with additional products to add to the base nutrients. Just as you were describing for the jr Peters line. I think a lot of nutrient lines all have something missing, and it’s common to purchase additional products to fill in the gaps. I think both are competitive. I’m not sure about pricing, but I know the products I purchased are reasonable for the amount that you receive. The 2 oz of kelp I purchased, you literally use 1/8tsp at a time. A small amount goes a long way.
Thanks @Donaldj you confirmed what I thought. A base recipe, with the ability to adjust as needed. With the ability to adjust your nutrient recipe also comes with much needed experience to mixing nutrient solutions to what the plants need and want.


how about PH @Covertgrower, do you have to ph everything?
i use flower fuel witch is kinda grandular but i like the ease of using it…lol


@BIGE you know I’m not really certain, but it’s something to consider. I would imagine you would go off of the base PH of what you start with and go from there. I’m not sure how much it would change the ph though. What are your thoughts? What is your experience with granular products you have currently? Does the PH flunctuate after adding the product?


I think you would treat ph targets based on growing medium. This seems like a hip new way of doing things, but it’s really not. Check the labels on some of your bottles vs the label on these npk products. They fancy hydro store bottles are literally using these same salts. They’re just mixing them into water for you and marking them up 1000%. There may be some differences in a few of the additives, and from one manufacturer to the next. But I guarantee you’ll see a lot of similarities from just about all of them.

You’ll see it across the board in a lot of the additives too. Ever wonder what makes super thrive so good? It’s triacontonal, the same stuff found in canna boost that they charge an arm and a leg for. It’s actually found in alfalfa extract. That’s just an example, but you can literally find examples like that in just about every line, every additive, from every manufacturer.

I just wish I understood it more, so I could successfully take advantage of it. @Covertgrower we’re definitely on the same page here. I’m just trying to figure out how to blend this stuff together to make the most sense. Like you pointed out with the additives, you use so little it really doesn’t matter if you have to buy an extra pound or two of a few of them. I was a little bummed to see the nitrogen content on calmag, but I have a snake oil bottle of nitrogen free calmag with humic. So not a big deal.


that flower fuel is phed to 6.2 or something for regular feed.
i ues it by itself,
during flower i go AN BLOOM A+B
next water,either mammoth or recharge,was using terpinator and it phed out6.0
the next flower fuel 6.2
then some good old fashion water…lol i would have to ph the water lol but the rest was good!


I rarely add ph adjusters either. I just bubble my feed until it’s at desired ph. Which is specifically a little lower than a lot of people run in soil, but I also ammend with dolomite lime. Very rarely is there a ph issue.


Couldn’t have said it better @dbrn32 everyone probably purchases products from huge manufactures and they just tweak the recipe for that line up. This is why you find so many similarities. Secondly, this is also why you don’t find ma and pop fertilizer manufactures. I don’t have any hydrostores near me… yet… just local hardware store. Fox farms is plentiful there. Except for a few missing.

Trying to figure it all out… that’s what I’ve been trying I do all my life! Doesn’t matter what subject it is! Lol

Bubble feed your nutrients? Like a bubbler in the bottom of a reseviour? So do you just mix everything a day ahead?
@BIGE thanks for warning on that link, I should have known better. Wasn’t thinking I guess. Just glad the forum is forgiving. :wink:


No I’m a dirt guy. But I mix them day before I plan to feed in a bucket and shove an air stone in it. In most cases your nutes will drop ph, and bubbling will raise it. Something to do with how the added oxygen reacts with hydrogen molecules I think? There are exceptions though, but if you find yourself using ph up regularly I’d give it a shot.

It also helps if you know which of your bottles are more acid or basic. My ppm levels are usually middle of the road anyway, so I usually have a little room with nutes to bump it one way or another if absolutely necessary. Like I’ve actually used silica to move ph on a handful of occasions.


Also, in my searches of all stuff jr Peters I’ve found a couple of places that will actually custom mix the dry salts for you. Crop king comes to mind…not sure if you can just give them an npk ratio, you need to have the physical measurement of each element, or you can just call them and say you’re growing weed lol. Option 3 sounds nice, but I haven’t reached out them. You can certainly get all of the elements from them as well and mix yourself.


@dbrn32 I usually do use PH Up. This is why you have my interest. I’ll get an air stone and give it a try. FF microbe Brew, and kangaroots both drive the ph down. I usually have water sitting a day ahead anyways to warm up. (Creek outside is cold!) BTW, Mrs. Covertgrower and I are still discussing the move… if it does happen I need to start looking for employment now there. So much to consider. It’s really it’s own country up here. Night and day difference to living in the lower 48 when it comes to dealing with people.


I probably couldn’t even imagine. I’m aware that it’s not exactly all the last frontier as tv shows it. I’m also aware that no matter where you’re at, you don’t have to go far before it is haha!

Seems like things are pretty good here right now for work. Lots of maintenance/technical jobs anyway. Depending on how close you need to be to family and then how far you’re willing to commute anyway. My shop is about 2 hours out of the city, naturally in opposite direction lol. But there may or may not be an opening :wink:


I have been checking job listings in the southwest area of Mi. Lots to choose from but I haven’t applied. I’m not sure exactly how far away you are from the border of MI. If I need work real bad I have a few connections I haven’t called yet in the painting/drywall field. I will keep that in mind, because commuting farther away isn’t a huge deal to me. Used to drive an hour to work one way for welding. I’ll keep you in mind if you’re serious. I really appreciate that. @dbrn32


NPK…is that the guy with the chops?


Yes @TDubWilly lol. He’s a “paid spokesperson” I’ve seen him advertise a few other things besides this nutrient line.


no problem @Covertgrower i had posted a link to elite nutrients.they had a reall good sample pack
that got me in trouble,but yes it is all good just do not fill in whole link…lol who knew?