Nowisee's Mother's of Buzz


I’m getting old/ my memory is slipping. I wàs thinking you were a Silver Haze fan.

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Not me. I had some Super Skunk. It’s not as hardy as I like. I did get my first mainline with it.


@oldmarine well my friend you can post here anytime keep us up-to-date…but if you don’t I’ll check in on ya.

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Ladies are doing well… last day of Captain Jack’s till next week… Ill start treating with mosquito bits soon . …will be arriving here today.

has revedjed leaves poking out the canopy…

And check out this revedged leaf…
One odd shaped cool looking leaf.

I will be getting some clones off of her…pretty soon… hoping sweet Sammy will catch up…

…I would like to take clones off of both of them at the same time…
I would like to get two off of each… 1 to make a mother…of each. and one I would like to grow out and do my first indoor grow of each…(these 2 mothers will go back outside in May or June for round 2)
I think one more area I need to get besides a light for my flower tent which I’m in no hurry for… is starting the process of learning the pH aspects… if any of you have any suggestions on how to get started on this…I would love to hear it.

I don’t think I’d want to grow out my mothers. They tend to get very gnarly and dense, assuming you keep them trimmed down like I do. Remember every time you make a cut, you get 2 new growths. The one in the back right here for example:

But @Hellraiser has a most excellent clone tutorial here:


Thanks Newt…
Yes I love that cloning tutorial… I was kind of wondering about that… managing these ladies until May or June could be difficult… there’s a lot of unknowns for me here since I’ve never done it before…
I was thinking of first getting clones and mothers off of them, then torturing them till June. Put them outside in bigger pots and let them lstretch out for the summer harvest and then end their reign…outside where they began!

You guys got any pros and cons to this?

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Hey @Newt
Check this out…a captain Jacks Leaf Ladder into a cup.:grin:


Six months is nothing for my clones/mothers, should not be a problem with regular trimming, keep them small until it’s time to get big. They do get a bit gnarly though so could do fresh clones for outside and start that about a month or so before you want to put them outside.


Ok I’m a little slow…being gnarley…what do you guys mean?
They tend to get gnarley?

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In the pic I posted, look at the mother in the back right. She’s about 5" tall, and and is 4 months old. By 6 months she’ll be like a porcupine of growth sites.


Thanks Guys Appreciate it… I’ve been a bit concerned about that as well, especially since I left so much after harvest.

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Nov 6 harvest day to Dec 2nd…

Happy Friday…
this was a tough week coming off of Thanksgiving… it always is! But this year was especially depressing… I won’t start getting back to normal until December 20th around the solstice.
When the Sun starts showing itself a little bit more everyday… getting really sick and tired of this s*** hole Portland Oregon…
All my kids say they’re ready to leave…
Some are pretty scared!
I never thought I’d see the day when my kids WOULD feel the need to start thinking about moving somewhere where there’s freedom…

Back to my Ladies… Broke out the microscope… took a bunch of samples of various leaves.
No alive spider mites!
And you might as well know I sing into my microscope when I’m not taking pictures.

Rae is is looking more and more beautiful everyday…

Sweet Sammy is starting to show her signs of beauty as well…

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Purple Rae got a much-needed trim today…Decided to take off every bud that had just lettuce growth on it…
(Not reveged sights) I left New Growth that had reveged marijuana Leafs… with the exception of one that unknowingly got caught in chop.
It’s unbelievable how much new growth is on her.

also treated with mosquito bits and watered…both girls got a half gallon each

Sweet Sammy


Happy Sunday…for those of you who are wondering…my name Is pronounced.

Now I See

The Mothers of Buzz are doing well… I’ve been defoliating all leafs that looks like lettuce on Purple Rae.
They both are looking healthy…

And I as said yesterday, there was shoot that got cut, accidently, yesterday…decided to see if I could saver her…probably monster crop? Not sure.

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Well it doesn’t look to good for my first clone attempt…
Im calling her… FrancescaStein…Franky for short…
She was droopy when I found her… (about an hour after I cut her)

I soaked the plug. cut at 45 degrees, dipped in foop cloning gel…been misting daily…

Probably not enough leaves on her?.. only time will tell…
Good thing is I have a lot that I can practice on!
.if she doesn’t make it.

Patience. Trim about half of the leaf length off. She will surprise you.

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Thanks Newt…I did cut the leaves as well.
Is it pretty normal for them to droop over like this?.. when I found her she was completely limp …when I put her in the plug and misted her, about an hour later she was standing at half mass on the first day.
When I woke up yesterday morning she was standing about quarter Mass and hasn’t changed.

Some do. Some don’t In my experience. If she stays green, she’ll likely be OK.

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Remember, since it has no roots, it has to get all of the required moisture from the leaves. I do usually leave more leaves than you did, and trim them. But I think you’ll be OK.

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